All of us here at Jacobs Berger want to reassure our clients and business associates that their health and safety are our primary concern.

All of us here at Jacobs Berger want to reassure our clients and business associates that their health and safety are our primary concern and that we are also committed to the health and safety of our staff and our families. Though we are currently working remotely, we continue to operate as we always have, providing quality service and for us, it is “business as usual.”

We are offering telephonic and video calls, conferences, mediations, and strategic planning sessions to continue to service our clients and prospective clients, and are, of course, available for ongoing business partnerships via our virtual network!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone at 973-604-0048, by email, or, if necessary, carrier pigeon. (We are kidding about the last one, but you laughed, didn’t you?) Also, head to our social media pages for some tips on staying healthy, safe and sane during this time.

We are all in this together.

The De-Stress Divorce Doctrine: The Jacobs Berger Approach

Jacobs Berger Child Support Enforcement Attorneys Morris County, NJ

We are New Jersey family lawyers that are devoted to customizing your experience.

The entire premise behind our practice is simple: Divorce. From distressed to de-stressed. The entire team at Jacobs Berger, LLC, is dedicated to keeping it simple and keeping it real. Every attorney-client relationship is a partnership. Our entire office believes in open and honest communication and in working with our clients — never against them. We are sensitive to your needs and feelings, but we take a realistic approach from day one.

Our Principles

We know that what’s important to you is what’s important to us. When we created the De-Stress Divorce Doctrine, we took into account that you need (and should expect) a customizable experience that focuses not only on your current situation but also your future goals. We know that not having it all mapped out right now doesn’t mean you have to stay in a situation that doesn’t fit you or your family.
Ultimately, we want you to understand all of your options, and for your decisions now to be based on what makes sense for where you want to be.

“One Size
Does Not
Fit All”
This Way”
“Can You
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‘You Get
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Our Practice

When you partner with us, we provide realistic guidance on all family law matters, including:

Our Pledge

You and your attorney should work together to de-stress your divorce.  When you are dealing with a complicated family law problem, the last thing you need is a lawyer who complicates matters further. We understand even the decision to meet with an attorney, never mind scheduling a Strategic Planning Session can be overwhelming. Try getting divorced when you’re also trying to time balance your personal and professional lives! That’s where we come in. At Jacobs Berger, our team is accessible, and we communicate. We pride ourselves on being responsive in a timely manner, and explaining things to you so you feel empowered to make educated choices.

Contact Jacobs Berger, LLC, to work with a family law attorney in New Jersey

Jacobs Berger, LLC, is a legal practice that will help take you from distressed to de-stressed both during the divorce process and after.  Our mediation and litigation practice is located in Morristown, NJ. You can reach us online or call 973-718-7705 to schedule a Strategic Planning Session with one of our lawyers.