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The De-Stress Divorce Doctrine: The Jacobs Berger Approach

De-Stressing the New Jersey Divorce Process

The Jacobs Berger approach to building your future

Divorce has a reputation for being a difficult, messy process—our goal is to help you manage the process and minimize your stress.

Getting divorced is stressful—but it shouldn’t be any more stressful than necessary.

At Jacobs Berger, LLC, we take a forward-thinking approach to the divorce process. We stay focused on your needs, desires, and your unique situation. This solution-oriented mentality helps us avoid the scorched-earth divorce process so commonly seen (and encouraged) on TV.

Instead, we work with you to build the future you want.

If you’re getting divorced and seeking a less stressful process that stays focused on solutions, contact the experienced divorce attorneys at our family law firm today.

The Jacobs Berger Approach to Divorce

At Jacobs Berger, we know that divorce involves a series of critical decisions that set you and your family up for your future—and our experience has shown that taking a constructive, collaborative approach to the process can decrease the amount of stress our clients experience and help them preserve their relationships.

Research shows that stress and anxiety deplete your ability to make well-considered decisions. That’s why experienced support is particularly important for people going through a difficult time.

It’s hard to make decisions when you’re stressed. That’s because the prefrontal cortex (the part of the brain responsible for making those tough choices) is particularly vulnerable to disruption by anxiety—and one of the most important things we emphasize with our clients is that the decisions you make during the divorce process are critical for determining what your future looks like.

Instead of being stressed, we want our clients and their families to be set up to thrive. That’s why our team has developed a pragmatic, solution-oriented approach to minimize your stress and provide decision-making support when you need it most.

Quite simply, we believe it’s the best way to serve our clients.

Our pledge

Our trusted family law attorneys work together with our clients as a team to de-stress the divorce process—always keeping an eye on your goals for the future.

Divorce creates complex dilemmas that require creative, multidimensional solutions. No two people or life experiences are alike. With that in mind, our goal is to ensure that each and every one of our clients receives the services that their unique set of facts demand.

We understand that taking the first steps of the divorce process, including finding the right attorney for you, can be a huge hurdle. We do everything we can to make that step, and frankly, the rest of the process, as straightforward as possible.

Our team is accessible and communicative. We pride ourselves on responding in a timely manner, and we explain things so that you feel empowered to make educated choices.

We can help de-stress the divorce process. Our knowledgeable family law attorneys can guide you through the steps ahead and help you move on from your divorce to focus on your future.

NJ divorce cases we handle

At Jacobs Berger, our divorce process focuses on your current situation and your future goals.

We handle many different kinds of divorce in Morris County and the rest of New Jersey, including:

In all cases, we work with clients to find creative solutions that fit with their particular needs. If you’re considering or beginning the divorce process, our experienced divorce lawyers can offer you pragmatic advice and goal-oriented representation.

Our Divorce Doctrine

Drawing on many years of experience, our team has developed five principles that form the underpinnings of our attorney-client relationship. We believe these values are key to allowing us to serve our clients in a productive and meaningful way while they’re dealing with the stress of significant life changes.

In fact, we aim to de-stress the divorce process through forward-thinking, goal-oriented legal representation—which is where those five principles come in.

At Jacobs Berger, we understand that every client’s situation is different. We consider the “whole” you—including your nuclear family, extended family, and yes, your pets—and all the life circumstances that brought you to us.

We believe that understanding all the aspects of your life is a necessary component to being able to find and work toward solutions that fit your unique circumstances.

We focus on your goals, both now and in the future—and those goals help guide the process, tailoring the approach to your specific situation. In short, we provide a “bespoke” fit.

To effectively represent our clients, we have to understand their needs and concerns. There are many, many moving parts to any divorce case—and preferred outcomes look different to different people.

Our approach is to listen. We aim to know and understand you—and see and hear what your goals, needs, and desires are. We aren’t magicians, and we don’t have a crystal ball, but what we do have is life experience combined with decades of family law and divorce practice.

We believe that communicative representation de-stresses the divorce process.

We keep you updated and answer questions in a digestible, straightforward way that sets you up to make informed decisions about your future.

We understand that when it comes to divorce, money is on most people’s minds. After all, the divorce and family law process can be an expensive one—and good representation doesn’t come cheaply.

In order to strike a balance between providing you with knowledgeable, experienced legal representation and preventing costs from coming as a surprise, we’ve developed our own approach.

An integral part of our partnership with you is a cost/benefit analysis that we make at several points along the way. This helps us make sure that we’re choosing to focus on what you want to protect and what’s important to you: your family, your assets, and your future.

We make sure you know what the costs, both financial and emotional, are to you at every turn, and how those choices serve your goals, now and in the future.

We know you want a lawyer who will fight for you. We also know that most people don’t want a lawyer who will fight over everything for the sake of fighting—even as it yields diminishing returns. Likewise, you probably don’t want a lawyer whose flat-rate charge suggests they can complete your entire divorce process in two hours.

For us, it all comes back to balance. Our skilled, experienced attorneys provide a high-quality service where we check in with you at critical points to ensure that the steps we take fit your needs and vision for the future.

Going through a divorce or family law matter can be overwhelming and all-encompassing. Some people feel as if the walls are closing on them. Others feel that the ever-full plate of to-dos is tipping more and more precariously.

In these situations, many people can feel like they’re not able to contemplate “what’s next” because “right now” has completely taken over. This is what extreme stress looks like.

We understand that you may have tunnel vision—and that our job is to see the end before you can. We help you focus on the here and now, but always with a clear eye towards your future.

Our forward-facing approach takes some of the stress out of the “what now”? Our ability to strategically assess your options, together with our resource network of highly vetted professionals, gives you the safety and security to navigate your “right now” while planning for your new normal.

At Jacobs Berger, our goal is to never make you feel like another number, waiting for your turn to talk to the attorney you’re paying for.

We don’t leave you in the dark regarding the process. Though we can’t promise there won’t be surprises, we can promise that we’ll find the time to talk to you, answer your emails, and keep you updated. We also promise to do so in a way that’s clear and easy to understand, and which gives you actual answers to your very real questions.

Our entire staff knows your name, your case, and what keeps you up at night. We promise not to be one of those things.

Contact Our New Jersey Divorce Attorneys

If you’re considering or beginning a divorce, our knowledgeable attorneys can guide you through the process. We have decades of experience to draw on that not only informs the legal representation we provide but also guides how we work with our clients.

We provide clear communication in all areas and work to understand your unique situation—and what a desired outcome looks like for you. By entering partnerships with this constructive and straightforward approach, we can help de-stress the divorce process.

Contact our family law firm today to schedule a strategic planning session—and take the first steps in moving from stressed to de-stressed.