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Child Support

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At a high level, child support is calculated based on the needs of children, the financial situation of both parents, and the child custody agreement between the co-parents. Even if your child support agreement was fair and reasonable at the time, circumstances may change over time or a child may simply outgrow the need for financial support. There are a variety of situations which may lead to the termination or modification of child support for New Jersey parents.

At Jacobs Berger, our child support termination attorneys understand that child support laws in New Jersey can be incredibly complex and difficult for our clients to understand. Our firm is built on the foundation that all family law disputes can be resolved without animosity or unnecessary tension. Lean on the experience our legal team has built through successfully terminating or modifying child support agreements for our clients in NJ towns.

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Child Support Termination Lawyers Discuss Child Emancipation

Child emancipation is the legal determination that an individual is no longer a child and is now considered a legal adult. In New Jersey, parents or other caretakers are no longer legally obligated to offer financial support to an emancipated child.

However, there is no default legal age when a child is considered emancipated, meaning child emancipation will only take effect, and warrant the termination of child support, once either the child or a parent successfully petitions the courts to have the child legally emancipated.

Child Support Modification Attorneys Identify New Jersey Child Support Termination Laws

All child support agreements in New Jersey automatically end when the supported child reaches the age of 19, unless otherwise stated within the child support agreement. Additionally, no parent or child can request or receive child support once the child reaches the age of 23.

If your existing child support agreement has a defined end-date, that date is legally binding. However, this can potentially be overridden by one of the following regulations

  • A child becomes emancipated early due to military enlistment, marriage, moving away from home, etc. Again, parents must petition the New Jersey Family Court system to recognize that a recipient of child support has been emancipated and is no longer eligible for child support
  • The child has passed away
  • Parents may enter a Request for Continuation of Support beyond the age of 19 on the basis of a child still being in school and/or needing additional support.
  • If the circumstances of the payor or payee has dramatically changed, a child support modification may be available, and in some cases, that modification will end in termination of child support payments

Of course, retaining the counsel of an experienced Dover child support modification attorney when navigating the complex legal waters surrounding any of these processes can be extremely beneficial for a parent’s understanding of their situation, options, and best next steps moving forward.

How Will I Be Notified of Child Support Termination?

Regardless of the reasons for your child support termination, you can expect a termination notice from the state of New Jersey before the date of termination. This notice will come in the mail and generally within six (6) months of the termination date. If you believe this termination notice has been sent in error or another date has been agreed upon, you may respond to the notice with your child support agreement or other supporting documentation.

For child support payments made through a probationary program, both payors and payees will be notified of the proposed termination date. A written notice will be sent to both parties 180 days and 90 days before the child support is to be terminated. These notices will provide parents with the ability to formally challenge the date of termination until the child is 23 years of age.

Termination of child support does not excuse outstanding payments or accounts which are in arrears. Previous child support agreements will be enforceable until all outstanding payments have been made.

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