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Alimony Modifications

Alimony Modification

One of the most important components of any divorce settlement is that of spousal support and alimony. Alimony is designed to help parties who have traditionally been financially dependent on their spouse to maintain a lifestyle similar to what they enjoyed during their marriage after their divorce. Alimony can last for varying amounts of time after a divorce, depending on the circumstances of the marriage and the agreements that the parties reached during their divorce settlement.

However, whatever alimony agreement you signed is based on the financial circumstances of both parties at the time of the divorce, and as we all know, times and circumstances often change. When certain circumstances change permanently, and unpredictably, it may be possible for both the dependent party as well as the party paying alimony to petition for a modification of their current alimony agreement.

At Jacobs Berger, LLC, our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients across the greater Morris County area to efficiently and successfully modify their current alimony agreement.

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When Can I Change my Alimony Agreement?

As previously noted, alimony agreements can be modified when certain circumstances have changed for either party. Unfortunately, there is no set list of applicable “changed circumstances” which can warrant an alimony modification, and different types of alimony can be modified in different circumstances. That being said, in general:

-Alimony modifications are most often sought by the dependent party in the case of:

  • Loss of a home
  • Increase in the supporting party’s income
  • Increase in the cost of living
  • Receipt of a large inheritance or payout by the supporting party

-The supporting party often seeks an alimony modification when:

  • The dependent party remarries or cohabitates with another adult
  • They lose their job or suffer a substantial decrease income
  • They retire
  • The dependent party secures employment or an increase in income
  • The dependent party refuses to seek employment or job-training
  • An injury or illness which changes financial circumstances
  • Requirement to pay mandatory fines or fees

While these are some of the most commonly cited changed circumstances which often call for a modification of spousal support, for a better understanding of whether or not your specific circumstances warrant an alimony modification, speak with our attorneys today.

The Alimony Modification Process

Before petitioning for an alimony modification, it may be possible to settle the matter with your former spouse in what is known as a “consent order”. If you and your former spouse can agree to the alimony modification issues at hand, you can submit this agreement in writing to the courts in the form of a consent order, and obtain your modification without court intervention.

When this is not possible, you and your Madison, NJ alimony modification attorney will need to petition the courts to intervene. You will need to prove not only that a circumstance has changed permanently, but why that change calls for an alimony modification in your case.

If you are facing an alimony modification petition from your former spouse, it is important that you speak with experienced legal counsel for a better understanding of exactly what your options are, and obtain legal representation during the process in order to protect your financial rights and needs.

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