Complex Family Structures

NJ Family Law Approach

Methodologies for Creating Families

Legal parentage is primarily created through biology. However, the law permits various methodologies for creating families, and therefore, various legal issues may arise when families which have been created are going through a dissolution of the parents.

Families can be created through adoption, through assisted reproductive technology efforts, and even through life experience. The formation of these families often requires complex legal agreements, litigation, and/or advice. Because the relationships between these family members are not automatic under the law, the parameters of the legal relationships often require written contracts so that all the parties involved are protected and know their individual rights and responsibilities.

Additionally, because of the complexities of the initial formation of these legal relationships, when the parents no longer wish to remain together, the ending of that legal relationship can create extraordinarily difficult issues relating to the parentage of the children of these families which require creative lawyering and novel litigation.

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