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Multi-parent Families

Multi-parent Families

With the use of ART ( assisted reproductive technology) to create families as well as the addition of stepparents and other third parties into family structures, the definition of family has changed over time. Many times, based upon life circumstances, an individual may need to seek legal recognition of his or her relationship with a child.

Examples of potential multi-parent families are those in which a child has been primarily raised by a family member who is not his or her biological parent (such as a stepparent, grandparent or other family member), those in which a known donor was used to conceive a child and then desires to be part of the child’s life, or those in which two same-sex couples have predetermined to share parenting responsibilities for a child. While these are merely examples, with the growth of diversity and equality, this is an emerging area of the law.

Many states across the country have started recognizing multi-parent families. A few courts in New Jersey have recognized three-parent families, and the attorneys at Jacobs Berger, LLC, have successfully been on the forefront of this growing area of the law.

Mediation and alternative dispute resolution are also important considerations in multi-parent situations given that there is no standard in our state for the determination of legal rights or responsibilities. Therefore, attempting to come to an amicable resolution of parentage issues is often the most prudent approach to conquering multi-parent situations. We at Jacobs Berger, LLC, can assist with this mediation process as either representatives for individual clients or mediators guiding the process. Contact us online or at 973-354-4574 to learn more.