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3. “The Old ‘You Get What You Pay For’”

What You’re Experiencing

Do you want a lawyer who is going to fight for you? Hell, yes! Do you want a lawyer who is going to fight for the sake of fighting or who fights over everything but comes up with nothing? Hell, no! Wait, unless you do. If that’s your goal, you can stop reading here. We have numbers for those people and wish you good luck with your unnecessary mounting legal fees. Oh, and by the way, if you want the lawyer who does the $399 divorce, we have those numbers too.

How We De-Stress

Good representation does not come cheaply. The divorce/family law process can be an expensive one, and we understand that money IS on your mind. However, if it is the only thing, we aren’t the right fit for you. We are not afraid to dig in and get our hands dirty, but we do so with the knowledge that with our firm, you get what YOU pay for. An integral part of our partnership with you is a cost/benefit analysis at several points along the way to make sure that we are choosing to focus on what you want to protect- what’s important to you- your family, your assets, and your future. We make sure you know what the costs, both financial and emotional, are to you at every turn, and how those choices serve your goals, now and in the future.