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The Role of Real Estate Professionals In The Divorce Process

The Role of Real Estate Professionals

In The Divorce Process

Couples who are going through a divorce are often forced to sell their marital home.  The home often represents both an asset and a debt and it may be necessary to sell as part of the marital settlement agreement or divorce process.  Depending on the particular situation, the divorcing spouses may be compelled to sell the marital property quickly.

Trying to sell your home yourself or without proper guidance can prove to be a serious mistake. Even attorneys and courts rely upon real estate professionals in appraising properties and establishing a fair market value as the basis for an accurate accounting of assets and debts. Similarly, divorcing spouses should also rely upon professionals when selling the home.  A real estate professional who is familiar with the market in your area will valuable provide advice and guidance when selling your home.

If you are looking for legal advice about, real estate case related to a divorce issue, count on Jacobs Berger LLC, attorneys. Our pragmatic and resourceful lawyers are well known for their knowledge, diligence, and caring attention of your case. Our firm is ready to help you achieve a fair and satisfactory outcome for your situation. Contact us through our website or call us at (973) 447-3943 to start working on your case.

A good choice in a real estate agent is someone who lists and sells properties, is conversant in the sales market, and knows the fair market value of similar homes in your area.  Additionally, many agents are well-informed when it comes to divorcing couples and will understand your needs with regard to selling the property or purchasing a new home.

Specialized agent´s assessment and proposal

For instance, perhaps you and your spouse are arguing over the anticipated sales price of the home or what you believe the equity is in the home.   An agent can come to the home, conduct an assessment, and discuss the sale or proposed price with both you and your spouse.  He or she will have prior comparable sales to demonstrate to you that the proposed price is in keeping with the market.  Often spouses believe that the opposing spouse has an ulterior motive and reason to lie about what he or she believes the home is worth.  An agent eliminates this concern as he will be able to provide a proposed sale price that is based in reality – the comparable sales of home in the area in the recent past.  He can quash any fears of lies, distrust, or self-motivated statements and talk to each party to alleviate any concerns.

More importantly, hiring a real estate agent can prove useful in eliminating any emotional distress caused by being forced to sell your home.  Divorce can be difficult enough and the thought of having to leave your home can cause you to feel overwhelmed. Just as an attorney can take the reins in the legal process, an agent can help alleviate your stress by advising you on how to sell your home. For example, the agent will make an appointment with you to view your home, do a walk-through, and advise you on staging your property for the anticipated listing of your home.   Similarly, the agent will provide needed advice on preparing for an open house, as well as give you useful tips on handling criticism from potential buyers.  The process can be cumbersome if you decide to do it all yourself but you can avoid the stress by hiring the right person.

Importance of experienced Agents to assess your property

The right person may also appraise your home and give needed information on the actual value of your home.  In some instances, one person may be particularly attached to the home, which causes them to believe that it is worth much more than it is.   This misinformation causes the spouses to fight and argue about what equity is in the home or what the overall offset should be when considering a buyout.  An agent experienced with appraisals in your area will assess the value of the home based on the condition and current market.  In some instances, the home may be worth much less than the initial purchase price.  This fact must be made known so that the parties can make an educated decision on the division of property.

Obtaining a divorce, in addition to selling and dividing properties, is an emotionally taxing event.  Some of the stress can be eliminated by hiring the right professionals. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to take some of the burdens off your shoulders. Contact our firm today to discuss how we can be of help.

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