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Choosing a Mediation Attorney

Choosing A Mediation Attorney

Mediation attorneys often represent both parties in divorce or other family law mediations. Because mediation attorneys are meant to be impartial and look after the best interests of everyone involved, it is important that both sides are comfortable with the choice of mediator. In a divorce, mediations can address complex issues including child custodyalimonychild supportequitable division of assets, and more.

The divorce and mediation lawyers of Jacobs Berger believe that mediation is a great alternative to litigation based divorce for many of our clients in New Jersey towns including Madison, Randolph, Morristown, Denville, East Hanover, Rockaway, Dover, and all of Morris County. We view each divorce and family law case as a new opportunity for our clients and their families to lay a solid foundation for their future. As such, our mediation lawyers consider themselves the architects and take pride in providing the blueprint.

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Mediation Attorneys Define Roles of Mediators, Attorneys, and Mediation Attorneys

Our Randolph mediation attorneys understand that the term “mediation attorneys” can actually be somewhat confusing. To clarify, below are the three parties who may be involved in your divorce or family law mediation. It is important to note that many clients forego hiring their own individual attorneys when choosing to use a single mediation attorney.

Mediation Attorney

Individuals who are licensed attorneys who act as mediators for your case. If you choose our law firm to represent you as a mediation attorney, we will not be able to represent you as an individual. As such, if we have an existing legal relationship with a client, our attorneys will not be eligible to act as mediation attorneys.

Divorce Attorney

Even when entering into a mediation, one or both parties may choose to separately retain the legal services of attorneys. As mentioned above, this attorney cannot act as your mediator, not may they be from the same law firm. This is because your personal attorney(s) are responsible for protecting your individual interests while a mediation attorney represents both parties equally.


Mediators do not need to be licensed attorneys in New Jersey. Although there are advantages to using a practicing lawyer as a mediator, many professional mediators have the legal expertise to effectively serve your needs.

Divorce Mediators Discuss Qualifications for Mediation Attorneys

Our Madison mediation attorneys understand that each client has a unique set of criteria which they may weigh differently when considering hiring a mediator. Some high level qualifications to look out for may include:

  • Experience as an attorney – not just in years served, but in relevant legal service pertaining to the issues which matter to you and your partner most
  • Experience as a mediator – many New Jersey law firms offer mediation as an afterthought. It is important to know that your mediation attorneys have active experience serving their clients as mediators as well as attorneys
  • Certifications – it may be wise to try and find mediation attorneys who are licensed as a family law mediator or even those who have earned the distinction of Certified Matrimonial Lawyers by the New Jersey Supreme Court
  • Consultation – as we will discuss in greater detail below, the only way to know you are finding the right fit is to speak with your prospective mediation attorney

Mediation Lawyers Discuss the Importance of a Good Fit

Beyond the nuts and bolts qualifications of a mediator, our East Hanover mediation lawyers believe that a healthy working relationship between all parties is essential in reaching a positive outcome. Every mediation involves at least three individuals: the two parties in conflict, and the mediator. It may be the case that you find a great fit personally, but your partner does not feel as comfortable. In this situation, it may be best to continue your search.

Along these lines, a qualified mediation lawyer should be able to adapt his or her services to best serve each individual client. At the end of the day, mediators of any kind are here to serve the needs of the client, not the other way around. Consider mediation as a method by which you and your partner can amicably resolve any disputes on a fair playing field.

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At The Law Offices of Jacobs Berger, our qualified and experienced mediation attorneys take pride in offering non-combative conflict resolution for clients in New Jersey communities. Our firm is led by attorney Sarah J. Jacobswho is qualified as both a family law mediator as well as New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Matrimonial Attorney. In addition to our credentials, we believe our legal team stands apart from the crowd by offering personalized and attentive legal services with a focus on open communication between divorcing couples.

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