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Therapists, Experts, and Parenting Professionals

Therapists and Parenting Professionals

Getting a divorce is not just about being released from the legal bonds of marriage.  Couples facing divorce are forced to make difficult decisions regarding parenting timecustodychild supportalimonydivision of finances, and the division of marital property such as the family home.  All of these issues can be muddied by clouded judgment due to the high emotional stress of the decision-making process.  Therapists, experts, and parenting professionals can assist in obtaining clarity in the process and are often relied upon by the divorcing couple in addition to their respective attorneys.

At Jacobs Berger, LLC we strive to ensure that our clients have a positive experience when it comes to resolving issues related to family law. Our case specialized attorneys are here to help, and place an emphasis on the importance of you and your children in our family law program. Reach us at (973) 447-3943 to discuss your personal situation and concerns when it comes to your divorce and all the other relevant consequent decisions.

Mental Health Professionals During Divorce

Mental health professionals can assist you in a variety of ways, one of the most important of which is helping you to get through the process of divorce.  No one who goes through a divorce remains emotionally unscathed. After all, the division of your shared life with someone else is not something you contemplated when you got married. A therapist can minimize the impact that the divorce may have upon you and your family, and give you the tools you need to move forward while providing clarity during the critical decision-making process.   Therapists come in many forms, such as individual therapists for you, your family as a whole, your children, or those appointed by the court to determine issues of custody or in co-parenting.

Therapists and Coparenting Focusing on the Children’s Best Interest

Shortly after a divorce complaint is filed, the parties will receive a notification in the mail setting forth a time and a date that they must attend a parenting education class.  This class is designed to assist the parties in co-parenting and focusing on the children’s best interests.  The court recognizes that sometimes the parties are so angry with each other that it becomes difficult to co-parent and unify for the benefit of the children. Often, one parenting class is not enough time to work through all of the issues surrounding parenting time and co-parenting.  The parties, or the court, may appoint an expert or therapist to guide the parties in the parenting process.

Co-parenting plans will be implemented by the therapists and should be embraced by the parties for the benefit of their children.  The therapist will help the couple to establish and embrace mutual rules in each household, and to provide consistency for the benefit of the children.  Additionally, the therapist will help the couple in communicating with their children and reinforce the fact that involving your children in the arguments or questions surrounding the divorce are not productive and are generally impermissible.  More importantly, the therapist will help the couple in communicating with one another and in focusing on the best interests of the children.

Child Psychologists, Custodial Arrangements, and Parenting Time Plans

In some instances, the parties simply cannot get along, or they may flat out refuse to embrace the suggestions of the therapist in the co-parenting sessions.  As a result, the couple will not be able to agree on the custodial arrangement or parenting time plan.  The court will then appoint an expert, a child psychologist, to determine the best interests of the children.  The parties can be ordered to cooperate in the examination of the children and required therapy sessions.

The psychologist will issue a report with his or her findings for the court to review and consider in the custody determination.  The parties may also hire their own experts to review the determination of the court-appointed expert or for their own benefit.  In either case, the court may rely upon the opinion of the expert because this person has the education, training, and experience to make the best interest determination.

Legal professionals such as attorneys will be able to review the expert reports and present your side of the case for child custody or a parenting plan. They can also suggest professionals and experts that have a proven track record in divorce cases to best serve your interests.

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