All of us here at Jacobs Berger want to reassure our clients and business associates that their health and safety are our primary concern.

All of us here at Jacobs Berger want to reassure our clients and business associates that their health and safety are our primary concern and that we are also committed to the health and safety of our staff and our families. Though we are currently working remotely, we continue to operate as we always have, providing quality service and for us, it is “business as usual.”

We are offering telephonic and video calls, conferences, mediations, and strategic planning sessions to continue to service our clients and prospective clients, and are, of course, available for ongoing business partnerships via our virtual network!

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NJ custody and parenting-time evaluations

Divorce Attorneys Morris County, NJ

Helping you from beginning to end and beyond in Randolph, Tewksbury, Madison, and Morristown

Divorce can often be an overwhelming process rife with emotional, financial, physical and legal complications. The longer your marriage, the harder the divorce process can be, both emotionally and legally, so it is important that you seek legal counsel who takes both of these things in mind.

At Jacobs Berger, LLC, the aim of our attorneys is not to over-litigate and tear down all of the many things you and your family has built over the course of your marriage, rather it is to help you create a solid and successful foundation for your future, all the while taking into account your unique financial, legal, and emotional needs throughout the process.

Our family law firm has already helped many families across Tewksbury, Randolph, Madison, and the greater Morris County area to do exactly this, and we are prepared to put our unique and effective approach to work for you today. Contact us to discuss your concerns and needs regarding your divorce or any related matter in a confidential case assessment today.

How Long will my Divorce Take to Resolve? Madison Divorce Lawyers

Every relationship, and divorce is different. Before you can receive a judgment of divorce from the courts, you and your spouse will need to decide several key issues in what is known as the pre-judgment process. While our Madison divorce lawyers prefer to approach the resolution of these matters in a manner of open communication and cooperation, this may not always be possible. When a situation calls for more aggressive litigation, we do so in an intelligent and thoughtful manner. We identify exactly which issues you are most concerned over, then put together an effective plan for negotiation which takes your specific needs into account.

Whether decided through litigation or through a more cooperative approach, the key issues that will need to be addressed before your Morris County divorce judgment can be granted are:

  • Child Custody – Child custody in New jersey refers to both physical custody, as well as legal custody of the children. Will one parent holds primary custody, or will you and your spouse share custody jointly?
  • Parenting Time – If one parent is to be the primary custodial parent, visitation time with the other parent will need to be decided. New Jersey courts are of the belief that it is critical to the development of a child to have a relationship with both parents, so expect visitation time to be granted to a non-custodial parent in almost every case.
  • Child Support – New Jersey laws are such that child support payments are calculated in a very precise manner. While there is not much room for negotiation in the total amount of child support that will need to be paid or received, there are a few different methods for actually making and receiving child support payments, and you and your Tewksbury child support attorney will need to negotiate for the arrangement that works best for you.
  • Spousal Support and Alimony – When one spouse is dependent on the other for financial support, the alimony component of divorce allows for that spouse to remain secure in the knowledge that their financial needs are taken into account, and protected. Alimony can be granted to a spouse not only after their divorce, but in many cases during the divorce process itself as well through what is known as pendente lite support, or temporary alimony.
  • Division of Marital Assets and Debt – Finally, all marital assets and debt will need to be accurately valued, and divided, before a judgment of divorce can be granted. Assets are divided during a divorce following New Jersey’s equitable distribution laws, meaning that the division needs to be done in a fair, but not necessarily equal, manner. These assets can include a family home, a family business, vacation homes or real estate properties, retirement funds, investment portfolios, credit card debt, and more.

Each and every one of these issues is critical to the stability and security of you and your children following your divorce. Our firm aims to resolve each of these matters in such a way that not only avoids disrupting or causing stress to your day-to-day life during the divorce process but provides a healthy and stable foundation for you and your children to rebuild your lives after your divorce as well.

Once all have these issues have been decided and put into writing in your Divorce Settlement Agreement, the courts will review that agreement to ensure that it is equitable for both parties and in the best interests of your children, and if so, will legally dissolve your marriage in accordance with the terms of that agreement.

Randolph Post Divorce Lawyers Discuss Modifications and Enforcement

Obviously, it is extremely important that you resolve your divorce in such a way that secures and protects your future moving forward. However, the resolutions that are made during your divorce are based on the financial circumstances of you and your spouse at the time of your divorce. As we all know, times and circumstances change, and these changed circumstances can often call for a modification of one or more of the key divorce issues discussed above.

For example, loss of employment, a new employment or promotion, the remarriage or cohabitation of your former spouse, a serious injury or illness, and much more, can allow for either party to petition for a modification of their alimony agreement or child support agreement. Other circumstances may call for a modification of your child custody or parenting time agreement. Our attorneys have the experience, legal knowledge, and compassion for each of our clients that you need to successfully resolve any post-divorce modification issue you may have.

Alternatively, it is possible that the agreements you reached with your former spouse during your divorce are not being adhered to. New Jersey courts and institutions are given a wide variety of authorities and discretion towards helping individuals enforce their divorce settlement, depending on the specific issue at hand. To learn more about what your options are regarding the enforcement of your child custody, child support, alimony, and asset division agreements, speak with one of our attorneys in a confidential consultation today.

Alternatives to Divorce in Morris County, NJ

There are a variety of effective alternatives to a traditional, court-based divorce in New Jersey. Our firm focuses on the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) method known as Mediation. The mediation process involves only a single, trained mediator acting as a neutral party between the divorcing couple, and in general is a much more private, quick, amicable, and inexpensive process than traditional divorce.

Even if you and your spouse cannot agree on all of the key issues involved in the divorce process, as long as you are both committed to open and honest communication, and are willing to find compromise when necessary, a Morris County mediation can be extremely beneficial to both of you, and help you to resolve your divorce in an alternative, but effective, manner.

To learn more about mediation, and how our trained mediators can help you, be sure to check out our Mediation page.

Contact Our Morristown Divorce and Mediation Attorneys Today

At The Law Office of Jacobs Berger, our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients across Randolph, Tewksbury, Madison, Morristown, and the greater Morris County area to resolve their divorces in a manner focused on building healthy, secure, and stable foundations for you and your family, rather than tearing down what you have already built over the course of your marriage. Our firm also works closely with a network of mental health professionals and financial advisers who can help you with the aspects of your divorce that a lawyer cannot.

While the agreements we help create for you during your divorce process will be geared towards protecting your financial and legal future, we understand that these agreements are not always adhered to, or that the circumstances of you and your former spouse can, and often will, change. With this in mind, we are prepared to not only help you through the entire divorce process, but afterwards as well should any post-divorce modification or enforcement issues arise.

To speak with our firm today in a confidential case assessment regarding your divorce, your options for an alternative to divorce such as mediation, or a post divorce modification or enforcement issue, please contact us online, or through our Morristown office at 973-718-7705.