All of us here at Jacobs Berger want to reassure our clients and business associates that their health and safety are our primary concern.

All of us here at Jacobs Berger want to reassure our clients and business associates that their health and safety are our primary concern and that we are also committed to the health and safety of our staff and our families. Though we are currently working remotely, we continue to operate as we always have, providing quality service and for us, it is “business as usual.”

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Dissolution of Civil Unions

Jacobs Berger Civil Union Dissolution Attorneys Morris County, NJ

Civil Union Dissolution Attorneys Morris County, NJ

Serving Families across Morristown, Denville, Madison, Randolph, East Hanover, Florham Park, Dover, Rockaway, and Morris County

Civil unions are legally similar to marriages in New Jersey with a few minor exceptions. Individuals who have entered into civil unions enjoy the same benefits and share the same responsibilities as married spouses. And just as marriages may end in divorce, so to may civil unions end with a legal dissolution.

Civil union dissolutions often carry the same complex disputes as divorces including alimonychild supportchild custodyequitable distribution of assets, and much more.

The civil union dissolution attorneys of Jacobs Berger take pride in serving same sex couples going through civil union dissolutions in Morris County towns including Madison, Morristown, Denville, Randolph, Florham Park, Dover, East Hanover, and all of Northern New Jersey. Our firm views each civil union dissolution case we take as an opportunity to help our clients build a new and solid foundation for the rest of their lives. We understand that the divorce or dissolution process can be full of financial, emotional, and legal stressors. For this and many other reasons, we strive to mitigate the stress of civil union dissolution while offering dynamic legal solutions to address our clients unique needs and concerns.

Call our office today for a comprehensive and confidential case assessment to discuss your civil union dissolution with one of our qualified and experienced divorce attorneys.

Madison Civil Union Dissolution Lawyers Define Civil Unions and Marriages in New Jersey

As per New Jersey reform passed in 2004, civil unions have been available to same sex couples as well as couples comprised of two individuals 62 years of age or older. Civil unions in New Jersey are extremely similar to marriages, however they are not legally recognized by the federal government and therefore do not carry the same tax benefits and implications as marriages. In 2013, same sex marriage became law in New Jersey, allowing many couples joined through a civil union to become eligible for marriage. Ultimately, the United States Supreme Court Ruled that bans on same sex marriages were unconstitutional through the historic Obergefell v. Hodges decision, and marriage equality became federal law in 2015.

So what does all this mean for New Jersey residents? There are a few possibilities. Civil unions which were entered into from 2004 forward are still legally recognized and were not legally changed to marriages. In other words, there are still many same sex couples and couples over the age of 62 who still are joined through civil union. However, a large number of same sex couples chose to exercise their option for marriage beginning in 2013.

Denville Same Sex Couple’s Attorneys Discuss Civil Union Dissolution Financial Issues

For those couples who chose to marry, a separation would be considered a same sex divorce and handled as such. For those who remain in a civil union, separations will be treated as civil union dissolutions. Our Denville same sex couple’s attorneys understand that civil union dissolutions may include complex financial issues including:

Equitable Distribution of Assets. Civil unions entitle couples to the same legal rights to community property as traditional marriage. This can include your family home, retirement assetsowned businesses, property investments, and other valuables.

Alimony and Spousal Support. There are many different varieties of alimony available for separating couples in New Jersey. Alimony considerations are meant to assist individuals get back on their feet after previous financial dependence or may entitle recipients to continue the lifestyle to which they are accustomed.

Randolph Civil Union Dissolution Attorneys: Disputes Involving Children

Amongst the most important issues facing couples in a civil union dissolution can be issues involving children. For couples who wish to avoid litigation based conflict resolution, our Randolph civil union dissolution attorneys offer alternatives including divorce mediationCommon issues which may arise between parents may include:

Child custody. When and for how long your children will stay with each co-parent is a vital issue for both parents and children. New Jersey courts take the stance that child custody agreements should serve the best interests of the child, and will often attempt to keep both parents as involved as possible.

Child support. Raising children is an expensive proposition. Child support agreements can ensure that children are well looked after when under the care of both co-parents. Child support considerations are also highly dependent on the wellbeing and needs of the child.

Contact our Morristown Civil Union Dissolution and Same Sex Divorce Lawyers Today

At Jacobs Berger, our civil union dissolution and same sex divorce lawyers believe in treating all our clients going through divorce or civil union dissolution with the same respect and compassion we would hope to receive during such a difficult time. Our firm is built on a foundation of open communication and making ourselves accessible and available to our Morris County clients across towns like Morristown, Madison, Randolph, Denville, Morris Township, East Hanover, Florham Park, and Northern New Jersey. We believe that each client’s needs and concerns are different, and strive to develop highly tailored legal game plans to fit your needs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a civil union dissolution or same sex divorce, please contact us online or call our Morristown offices by dialing (973) 718-7705 today for a comprehensive and confidential case assessment with a member of our qualified legal team.