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Featured In: As Seen in the Press

Jacobs Berger has been featured in major publications, outlets and podcasts throughout the country. Take a look at some of our most recent highlights.

Op-ed: Unpacking the hidden costs of divorce – and how to prepare for them

Divorce fees and costs are part of the process, but understanding what to expect can help you better plan ahead.

I'm Broke and Desperately Need My Inheritance—What Should I Do?

Unclear beneficiary designations after divorce can make it exceedingly difficult for adult children to claim their inheritance.

'Gray Divorces' Can Upend Your Retirement Plans

Evaluating your finances is especially important in grey divorce. People over 50 have less time to recover a hit to retirement savings than younger people.

'Trickle-down' effect of inflation also impacting the costs of splitting up— here’s how much you could pay for a divorce this year

Everything from eggs to energy has been costing you more. Sarah Jacobs notes that’s resulted in a “trickle-down effect,” ratcheting up the cost of dissolving your marriage.

Parental Alienation Is Real but Remains Hard to Prove

Parental alienation is hard to substantiate, even if there is a video or audio recording documenting alienating behavior. But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for your relationship with your children.

Divorce and Estate Planning Tips: What You Need To Know

Estate litigation, much like divorce litigation, can be difficult to navigate. The simplest thing to do is to be proactive about updating your estate planning documents.

What Does it Mean to be in a Multi-Parent Family?

Until there is a standardized legal framework for recognizing the role of multiparent households, it is essential to work with a family law attorney.

Should I Get a Prenup? – What You Need to Know

Contrary to popular belief, prenups aren’t just for divorce—they can also be critical for protecting the interest of both parties in a number of situations.

Will Divorce Destroy Your Retirement Savings?

If you are undertaking a later-in-life divorce, you will want to carefully consider how you update your estate planning documents.

The Happily Never After Show: Finding Help and Hope in Divorce

Securing your financial future after divorce starts with getting proactive about gathering documentation about your current financial situation now.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Prenup, According to an Expert

A prenup creates a plan for marital asset division and protects individual assets such as inherited family wealth, businesses, properties, and investments.

How to Grow Your Law Firm by Being Mission-Driven

Learn how-and why-Jacobs Berger has cultivated its mission to de-stress the divorce process with a solutions-driven, future-focused approach.

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