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5. “Now Serving Number…….”

What You’re Experiencing

It is common to feel like another number, a ticket at the deli counter or a cog in the wheel when going through a divorce or a family law matter. The process is already stressful and uncertain. What would make it worse is partnering with a law firm that doesn’t find the time to TALK to you. Not returning calls, ignoring emails, and the standard “will get back to you when he or she is free” is not an answer that you should accept or settle for. It’s hard enough to understand and take in the “legal jargon,” but harder when you can’t even get your attorney to that point.

How We De-Stress

We don’t leave you in the dark regarding the process. Though we can’t promise no surprises, we can promise that we will find the time to TALK to you, answer your emails and keep you updated. We also promise to do so in a way that is digestible, understandable, and which gives you actual answers to your real questions. Our entire staff knows your name, knows your case, and knows what keeps you up at night. We promise not to be one of those things.