Tips for Co-Parenting after a Divorce

Morris County NJ Divorce AttorneysEven though your divorce has ended many of your legal and financial obligations to your partner, one important obligation which has not ended is that of being parents to your children. Co-parenting with a former spouse after a divorce can be difficult, but is also extremely important for the healthy development and lifestyles of your children.

With that importance in mind, here are a few tips to help you build a successful co-parenting relationship with your former spouse after a divorce.

Madison Divorce Attorneys Recommend “Creating a Co-Parenting Plan”

One of the first and most important steps you and your former spouse can take towards creating a successful co-parenting relationship is to create a “plan.”

This plan would essentially outline the responsibilities of both parents, both towards their children as well as each-other. Who will handle which aspects of your children’s lives? How and when will you both be expected to communicate with each-other regarding any issues your children may face, or decisions you have taken regarding any of these issues?

Having a clear understanding in place which outlines each parent’s role in their children’s lives, their individual responsibilities, and their responsibilities to the other parent, can lay an extremely important groundwork for the success of your co-parenting relationship.

Denville Divorce Lawyers Caution Against “Undermining the Other Parent’s Authority”

If you or your co-parent actively countermands any of the rules or policies of the other parent, or badmouths the other parent to their children, this may affect your children’s healthy development into adulthood, leaving them feeling conflicted over which parent’s advice or guidance to follow.

If you have any reason to disagree with the choices or actions of your co-parent, raise these concerns with them privately. If that doesn’t work, speak with our experienced Denville divorce lawyers regarding your potential options. It may be possible to modify your child custody agreement if one parent is actively undermining the authority of the other parent, or poisoning their children’s relationship with the other parent.

Florham Park Child Custody Attorneys Urge “Learning to Compromise”

As a follow up to our previous point, it is important that both parents learn to respect the other parent’s individual parental rights, and learn how to make compromises in this, and many other areas.

While you may not have been able to reach compromises with your former spouse while you were married, you may find that, now that your relationship and obligations to one-another has significantly changed, it is much easier to make these ultimately necessary compromises.

Try discussing any issues that come up with a close friend or a family member, as by doing so, you can often gain valuable insights into your particular situation which helps you to compromise, and “let go” of certain issues which are beyond your control.

Randolph Post-Divorce and Appeals Attorneys Recommend “Clearing Your Legal Slate”

Finally, if you and your former spouse have any outstanding legal issues such as a pending post-divorce modification or a family order appeal, these outstanding issues can make it extremely difficult to do any of the things listed above.

It is important that you resolve any of these post-divorce issues as quickly as possible in order to “start fresh”, and our Randolph divorce order modification and appeals attorneys are ready to help you to quickly and fairly resolve whatever outstanding legal issues you and your former spouse may have.

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