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No two divorces are exactly alike. Along with the personal, social, and psychological changes that accompany a divorce, the financial and practical issues at hand can be overwhelming. The process of asset division is essential for not only ensuring that both parties retain the assets to which they are legally entitled, but also for securing the financial future of you and your family. For divorces involving complex asset division, individuals should be wary of taking on these issues alone.

The complex property division attorneys of Jacobs Berger have extensive experience serving clients who have complicated financial situations including family and privately owned businesseshigh net-worth marriages, marital and separate debtretirement assets, and much more. Our firm is built on a foundation of communication and trust between our attorneys and our clients. Our divorce attorneys will help explain even the most complex financial situation to our clients in plain English.

Ultimately, you can lean on our experience and knowledge of matrimonial law to seek an amicable resolution to your divorce as we have done for clients in local New Jersey communities including Tewksbury, Dover, East Hanover, Randolph, Morristown, Morris Township, Madison, and all of Morris County.

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Complex Asset Division Attorneys Give Examples

“Complex” equitable distribution can refer to a wide variety of situations when it comes to the finances of a divorcing couple. Our Randolph complex asset division attorneys understand that even relatively straightforward equitable distribution cases can quickly become complex when any of the following is involved in a divorce:

  • Owned businesses or business investments
  • Valuable assets such as jewelry, artwork, antiques, etc.
  • Owned properties including the family home, vacation home, commercial properties, and more
  • Deferred compensation packages
  • Intellectual property including trademarks, patents, or copyrights
  • Existing prenuptial agreements 
  • Existing postnuptial agreements
  • Inheritances or trusts
  • Assets which are partially owned by other individuals or entities
  • Much more

High Net-Worth Divorce Lawyers: Complications of Splitting Valuable Assets

While divorces certainly do not need to involve high net-worth individuals in order to be legally complex, it is generally the case that the greater the value of the assets, the more complicated equitable distribution can become. Our Madison high net-worth divorce lawyers take the approach that all of our clients deserve a focused and detail-oriented approach to equitable distribution, regardless of the valuable of their marital assets.

That being said, we also understand that for individuals who have multiple sources of income, investments, business partnerships, etc, the stakes are even higher. Even a single asset in the equitable distribution process can lead to a long and drawn out process if not handled appropriately. Consider a business investment made by one or both spouses. There are a litany of factors which can play into equitable distribution of this asset including current value of the business, projected value of the business, financial contributions by each spouse, time investments by each spouse, and more.

Equitable Distribution Attorneys Find Resolutions for Clients

Equitable distribution laws in New Jersey are meant to ensure that marital assets are divided fairly, but not necessarily equally. In other words, if both spouses are legally entitled to a marital asset, it must be determined to what degree each party invested into that asset and ultimately what percentage each party is owed in a divorce.

For example: let’s say a woman owned her home before she and her husband’s marriage. The home became the couple’s family home, and both parties lived there for ten years. During that time, the couple made mortgage payments, paid taxes, and made home improvements from a joint bank account. The husband’s financial and time investments in the home may make the property a “marital asset”. However, since the wife owned the home previously, the portion to which she would be entitled would almost certainly be greater.

In many complex equitable distribution cases our Dover equitable distribution attorneys will call upon expert witnesses to help settle financial disputes. Expert testimony is commonly used to help valuate owned properties, owned businesses, valuate retirement assets, appraise valuables, and more. It is even possible that we will work with a financial expert or private investigator to uncover hidden assets in a contentious divorce.

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