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What Child Support Resources are Available to New Jersey Families?

Child support agreements are commonly made between spouses during a divorce or by unmarried co-parents. Child support payments are meant to provide for children by ensuring that the custodial parent has the necessary funds to pay for food, clothing, shelter, and other essential expenses. In New Jersey, child support agreements are governed by state regulations and the state also provides many useful resources to parents and families.

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Denville Child Support Attorneys Identify New Jersey Child Support Resources

As part of the state’s child support effort, New Jersey offers many online resources to co-parents and families. Our Denville child support attorneys often refer clients to these pages to help them understand how child support works in our state:

New Jersey Child Support Home Page – 1-877-NJKIDS1 The state resource begins with a high level overview of child support, how child support works in NJ, and offers contact information for the New Jersey Child Support Information Line (number above).

Child Support Payment Options and Methods – 1-800-559-3772 The New Jersey Family Support Payment Center is the agency which collects and passes along child support payments for participating parents. This resource explains how payments are made to ensure accurate credit is given and the custodial parent is properly compensated.

Find Your Local County Office – If you need to speak with a representative from your local area, consult this map to find a local welfare, family court, or probation division to learn more about your existing child support case.

Randolph Child Support Calculation Lawyers use New Jersey Formulas

Our Randolph child support calculation lawyers are frequently asked how child support amounts are determined. While there are no absolute rules, the state of New Jersey has a standardized calculation which sets the baseline for your child support payments. Resources to this end include:

Child Support Calculation PageThis resource lists the high level considerations which may go into the calculation of the child support which you may owe or to which you are entitled. For additional details about how the calculation works, you may want to speak to your Morris County attorney.

Child Support Calculation Forms – To give a more concrete view of what is considered, here are the shared parenting form and the sole parenting form which are filled out by parents entering into a potential child support agreement in New Jersey.

Madison Child Support Attorneys Find Other Useful Resources for Parents

New Jersey Child Support Program Handbook – This handbook is a helpful overview of NJ child support regulations, offers some helpful tips, and discusses topics including paternity, child support payment methods, and much more.

Termination of Child Support – An often confusing topic for parents is when child support agreements are terminated. The state offers an updated explanation of child support termination laws and regulations for NJ co-parents.

General Parenting Help Resources – The New Jersey Department of Children and Families offers several useful workbooks and quick reads which can help parents navigate the many difficult aspects of successful parenting. Topics range from anger management, time-out, parenting as a single parent, parenting with disabilities, and more.

Understanding Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities – Pursuant to NJ law, both child support payors and child support recipients have certain legal rights and responsibilities. The state offers a helpful resource so that you can understand your legal standing as either a custodial parent or a non-custodial parent.

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