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Dealing with Divorce Depression

By Jamie Berger, Esq.

Dealing with Divorce Depression Morris County NJGiven the high level of stress associated with many divorces, and the regret and sadness that also often come along, it is no surprise that many individuals going through divorce experience feelings of anxiety and depression. In addition, these feelings are not limited to the adults going through the divorce, as children of all ages can also be affected emotionally in any number of ways by the divorce process.

Fortunately, there are several different things that can be done in order to mitigate the affects or risks of depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other mental health issues during divorce. Our Morris County divorce and family law firm also works closely with a number of different mental health professionals, and as such can often recommend what we think may be a good fit for you in terms of helping you to organize and adjust to your post-divorce life.

Reducing Divorce Stress

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When it comes to managing the stress, anxiety and depression that can often occur during a divorce there are a number of different options.  Perhaps one of the best ways to reduce divorce stress is to resolve your divorce through divorce mediation. Mediation encourages cooperation and communication.  As such, resolving your divorce through mediation usually results in a much less contentious and much less stressful divorce.

However, whether mediation is or is not an option for your case, there may still be a need for a mental health professional for you, or jointly with your spouse for family counseling and/or for co-parenting therapy, or for your children. We work with a variety of professionals, meaning we can discuss with you the type of professional you or your children or your family may need to meet your family’s unique situation, needs and concerns.

Many people also find that regular exercise goes a long way towards reducing divorce stress, and even eating healthier can make a difference.

Will a Mental Disorder Affect My Divorce in Morristown NJ?

In addition to managing the stress, depression and anxiety that a divorce can often cause, it is also important to consider whether, and to what degree, a mental health issue can affect your divorce.  It is also important to consider this issue in relation to the various agreements you may be entering into such as child custody, child support and alimony.

For example, a “severe” mental illness (one which requires inpatient treatment) will provide grounds for divorce in and of itself.

In addition, if it appears that a parent is mentally unstable or ill, such a determination could affect their child custody and visitation agreement. This is due to the fact that these agreements are decided based on the best interests of the children, and if a parent cannot provide for their children or provide a stable home environment, chances are they will not get as much visitation time as a parent without similar issues.

Finally, if an adult is determined to have some kind of mental condition or disorder, such a determination may also cast doubt on the testimony that they provide when it comes to financial information – something which might necessitate motions for disclosure in order to guarantee that all financial information is accurate, and complete.

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By pursuing a “negotiation first” strategy when it comes to any family law matter, we can help families to reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with family law and divorce matters. In addition, we offer trained divorce mediation, and work with a wide variety of other professionals in order to ensure that your family’s many needs are accounted for, including financial planning, mental health services and general life-planning.

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