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Parenting-time Mediation: Effective Approaches to Fair & Sensibly Crafted Solutions

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Parenting-time Mediation Attorneys Morris County and Northern New Jersey

An attorney can be involved in two ways: as a mediation attorney or as independent counsel during the mediation process.

Parenting-time Mediation Attorneys Morris County and Northern New JerseyMediation encourages communication and cooperation and is an effective Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) method for resolving divorce and family law matters such as child custody and parenting time agreements, child support, spousal support and alimony, and the division of marital assets. Relying on the courts to make such a decision is usually an expensive last-resort option. Reaching an agreement through out-of-court negotiations when possible, and using an effective and unique approach to reach solutions that are fair to you, is often a more favorable way to represent your unique needs and interests, and protect your long-term legal, financial, and parental future.

An attorney can be involved in two ways: as a mediation attorney or as independent counsel during the mediation process. Because mediators must remain impartial and represent both parties, current clients or any individuals who have previously worked with an attorney may not use them as a neutral mediator.

The mediation attorneys of Jacobs Berger, LLC have extensive experience acting as parenting-time mediation attorneys and independent legal counsel for clients in Morris County communities including Madison, Morristown, Denville, Randolph, Tewksbury, Morris Plains, Dover, and across Northern New Jersey. Our firm views mediation as a communicative, cooperative, and effective method of resolving legal disputes. Unlike some firms who offer mediation as a token, our mediation attorneys believe in the mediation process and are uniquely qualified to act as either mediator or as your personal attorney.

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Using Mediation to Craft Sensible Co-Parenting Solutions

As family dynamics shift, children are often emotionally impacted directly and indirectly by the parental stress resulting from marital strife. For parents that are dissolving their civil union or are divorcing, mediation is an attractive option for ensuring a civil and stable communicative negotiation process, that can help the children in the relationship feel safer and more secure.

Using Mediation to Craft Sensible Co-Parenting SolutionsParenting time may evolve as your child grows and their needs change. Proactively creating detailed sensible co-parenting solutions that address your child’s particular needs and your unique circumstances as a parent, can help establish more open, transparent, economical, and practical child custody solutions and visitation parameters for your family for years.

With the exception of child custody modification, amicable parenting time agreements reached through mediation, without the hassle and expensive litigation, can be key to allowing both parents to play active roles in their child’s life, prevent parental alienation, ensure that the best interests on the children are taken care of, and empower each parent to negotiate and decide issues for themselves (i.e., child custody, child support, alimony, or division of assets).

Achieving effective and creative informal and confidential solutions, can be just as important to the co-parenting relationship as the final marital and child custody agreements themselves, and form the basis to help settle possible future family law disputes in a manner which can protect what each party may have already achieved, without further negative disruption in your daily life or that of your children.

If both parties agree to include a provision in their divorce or dissolution settlement agreement that states they will abide by said terms and meet with a parenting-time mediator before going to court, unnecessary litigation and miscommunication may be avoided, as each works in good faith work towards the best interests of their child and staying compliant with their settlement agreement.

Randolph Mediation Attorneys Act as Impartial Mediators

Mediators are trained to represent both clients during the legal process, and it is improper and unlawful for your independent counsel to act as a mediator. Both parties must agree on a mediator, regardless of whether they choose a practicing mediation attorney or a professional mediator with the legal expertise of the mediation process, to effectively serve their needs.

Retaining Independent Legal Counsel During Mediation in Morris County

Retaining Independent Legal Counsel During Mediation in Morris CountyHaving a qualified and experienced family law attorney in their corner, means many clients prefer to retain independent legal counsel even after deciding to enter into mediation. Because our Morris County mediation attorneys are up to date with current laws and decisions, their recommendation during the mediation process will be close to what you can expect from a court hearing in front of a judge, without the added time and expense.

What to Expect During Court Ordered Parental Mediation

Mediation appointments are scheduled in three-hour blocks. Though some matters can be resolved under an hour, others may require additional time. Fortunately, parties are granted enough time to discuss their concerns, even if it means scheduling additional sessions. If a consensus is reached, the mediator will prepare a consent order or memorandum of understanding that outlines the terms of the agreement; which will be signed by all parties. After the document is signed by a judge, it is legal and enforceable order of the court.

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At The Law Offices of Jacobs Berger, LLC, our experienced family mediation attorneys believe in offering alternative divorce solutions to resolve conflicts for families across local New Jersey communities including Morristown, Randolph, Madison, Denville, Dover, Rockaway, East Hanover, Florham Park, and the greater Morris County area. As a law firm, we believe in providing dynamic and personalized legal services to protect our clients’ legal rights. As mediators, we aim to build a foundation of communication and cooperation between parents that will carry them not only through the legal process but into the future as well.

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