Negotiating Your Divorce

Divorce Negotiation Attorneys

Contrary to popular belief, your divorce does not need to be a long, drawn out ordeal. Everyone has heard horror stories of divorces which take years and seemingly endless court dates to resolve. While some of these stories are true, there are numerous options for divorcing couples to successfully negotiate a divorce settlement to dramatically shorten the divorce process. This frequently saves the divorcing parties time, money, and undue stress. By working with a qualified divorce attorney, you can find the divorce negotiation option which will work best for you and your family to effectively resolve your divorce disputes.

The divorce negotiation attorneys of Jacobs Berger have extensive experience helping clients negotiate divorce terms outside of the courtroom. Our firm is dedicated to providing legal solutions which are tailored to the unique needs of our clients and their families. We focus on providing creative, highly personalized service to build a solid foundation for your future.

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What Needs to be Negotiated During a Divorce?

When we talk about a divorce negotiation, we are really talking about reaching a divorce settlement agreement. Divorce settlement agreements can be reached successfully with the help of a divorce negotiation attorney in order to resolve important issues including:

  • Alimony and Spousal Support – many divorces include some form of alimony considerations. These agreements can vary widely and have ample room for negotiation and potential disagreement
  • The Division of Marital Assets – most jointly held assets or assets acquired during a marriage must be divided equitably during a divorce
  • Child Custody – securing a reasonable and beneficial child custody agreement is often the number one priority of divorcing co-parents
  • Child Support – financial consideration through child support terms may be granted to help with the costs of raising your child

Divorce Settlement Attorneys Discuss the Negotiation Process

In New Jersey, the divorce process formally begins when either spouse files for divorce. However, your Madison divorce settlement attorney may be able to begin the negotiation process even before then. At a very high level, there are three primary ways that couples reach a divorce settlement agreement:

Negotiation outside of the courtroom – it is often the case that divorcing couples can reach an amicable and reasonable divorce settlement agreement through negotiation. This will generally involve one or more sessions with each party’s divorce attorney assisting the process. As long as the terms of your agreement are legal and conscionable (not fundamentally one sided or unfair), your agreement should be legally valid.

Using mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods – other methods such as mediation are increasing in popularity as well. However, these methods have their pros and cons. For example, mediation involves surrendering some of the flexibility of negotiation to a mediator or mediation attorney whereas negotiation is entirely up to the parties involved.

Taking your divorce to court – if negotiations are unsuccessful, you and your spouse may take your divorce to the New Jersey Family Courts. It is important to understand that it is still possible and quite common for couples to reach an out of court settlement through negotiation during this process.

Divorce Negotiation Lawyers Identify the Benefits of Negotiation

As discussed above, your divorce negotiation lawyer may recommend using negotiation for a litany of reasons. For many divorcing couples, the flexibility of a negotiation not governed by a judge, mediator, arbitrator, etc. makes negotiation the best option. For others, it is the dramatically reduced timeline that makes negotiation appealing. It is also possible for couples to reach a settlement agreement before a divorce has even been filed, which can simplify the legal process.

No matter what route you choose to take during your divorce, it is vital to work with a qualified and experienced Denville divorce attorney. Negotiating your divorce settlement outside of the courtroom can be a major risk if done without proper legal guidance. Do not leave your family’s future to chance.

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