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What types of mediation are available during the family law process?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

What types of mediation are available during the family law process?

The mediation process becomes an option for couples that want to have a smoother process in terms of communication between parties involved in divorce and other family law issues.  Learn and explore with our attorney Sarah J. Jacobs, Esq. about the two different types of mediation, you can have access to.

Mediation is a frequent way that family law litigants have started to be able to resolve their divorce or their family law issue in a more communicative and collaborative manner. There are two different types of mediation available during the family law process. One is court appointment mediation and one is private mediation.

Court Appointment Mediation in the State of NJ

Court appointment mediation in the state of New Jersey generally takes place in two specific forms. If you have a family law matter that involves custody and parenting time the court will require that you attend mediation in the courthouse with a court-appointed mediator to try to resolve the issue of custody and parenting time. When you are dealing with your financials after you have done the early settlement panel, the court will require that you go to what is known as economic mediation and if the two litigants can agree upon an economic mediation the court will sign an order appointing that mediator. If the parties can not agree the court also usually selects off of a list where there have been court-approved mediators and you and your co-parent or spouse will go to that economic mediation with or without your attorneys.

Private Mediation Morris County

The other option is private mediation. Private mediation is where you and the other party select a third-party neutral to help work with you on any of the issues that you have unresolved. Private mediation can take place at any time in the process. It can be before pleadings are filed. It can be during pleadings are filed or it could be at any stage of the court process. It is simply an opportunity for the two of you to bring those issues out of the courtroom or never into the courtroom, sit down in a table with a neutral and or with your attorneys and try to resolve the issues that you have.

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