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What can be resolved in divorce mediation?

By Jamie Berger, Esq.

What can be resolved in divorce mediation?

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“In every difficult situation is potential value, believe this then begin looking for it.” – Norman Vincent Peale –Attorney Jamie N. Berger, Esq approaches her practice with this philosophy in mind.  She encourages her clients to look past the tumultuous time and focus on what comes next.

What Type of Issues can be addressed in Mediation?

In one of our prior FAQ videos, we talked about what mediation is and what the benefits of mediation are. I want to talk about now what issues can be resolved in mediation and the answer is, all of them. Whatever the issues are in your particular matter are issues that can be brought to mediation to be resolved. And one of the benefits in mediation is that we have the opportunity to be creative in a way that maybe the court would not be.

Mediation Offers a Variety of Options

So when we talk about those issues there are things that the court may not touch upon in the rubrics of what falls into divorce matters, but if we are in mediation we have the ability to talk about issues that are outside of that and really get creative and try to iron out a resolution that is specific to the couple and specific to the needs of that couple. What you can do to help me as a mediator is to come and set an initial session with a real understanding of what the issues are and what your particular goals are and make sure that you are communicating them to me as the mediator so I understand how we need to tackle them and what needs to be addressed and the best way to do that is. So spend some time prior to mediation establishing that list for yourself and coming to our initial session with that information so I can help you.

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