Redecorating While Quarantine

Redecorating While Quarantine

Our attorney Amy L. Miller interviews Interior Designer Emily Harmatz from Just The Right Piece

Emily Harmatz: My name is Emily Harmatz, and I own an interior design firm called Just the Right Place, and we pretty much like to create practical and beautiful living spaces, and I do everything from picking out furniture from a room to all the way to full remodeling and redesigning additions, kitchens, bathroom. You name it, we do it.

Amy: Everyone has a different amount of people living in the house right now that are stuck together doing the homeschooling. I have, my husband and I are both home working. I am fortunate to have an au pair, so that is another adult in the house, and we have three children in various places in the house. So, we are just maxed out on space. How do I do? I mean, I do not know how long this is going on; I hope not forever, but in the meantime, what do I do about trying to create more space where space does not necessarily exist in my house. Can you just share some tips on making my house bigger even though we can not?

Emily: Absolutely. One of the things I suggest, and I even did this for myself, is to maximize your rooms. There are probably rooms in your house that nobody ever goes in, for example, a guest room. Most people have a guest room. I am not sure if you do because you do have an au pair, but a lot of people have a guest room. Nobody ever sets foot in the guest room. Transform your guest room into a functional, usable room. Make it into an art room if you have children who are really into art. Make it into the homework room. Get your kids out of their bedrooms, as I imagine many people are complaining that their children are in their bedrooms all day long. Get your kids out of your bedrooms and make the guest bedroom into a home office for both of your children to do their homework in. You can also make the guest bedroom into an exercise space. Even if you do not have machines, a peloton or an elliptical Redecorating While Quarantineor something like that, bring wights in there. Bring a TV in there and bring some fun videos that you can do some live yoga and pilates. But it is about utilizing all of the spaces. For example, in my house, my daughter is really into graphic design and art, and I wanted to pull her out of her room a little bit. She was spending almost all day in her room. I moved all of the furniture around in my guest bedroom and created a full art space for her in there with folding tables and everything that she would possibly need. I even put a chair in there with a little end table next to a picture of her friends from camp, a little candle. I suggest making that into a home office as, unfortunately, we are all working from a lot, a lot of people are working from home, so create the guest room into a home office.

The living room, another space that very few people utilize in their house. Use that space, rearrange the furniture so that space is a much more functional space for you. In addition to which if you rearrange the furniture, you are then getting a fresh look in the room. Bring a desk in there; maybe there is a chair that you love that nobody sits on. Move that chair into the front of the window, put it in front of a window, make that the place you go to in the morning to drink your coffee, read a book, have your kids sitting there doing some homework. But utilize the space, and you can even rearrange furniture to make that space look fresh, and new, and different, and sit n the pieces of furniture that you really probably would never otherwise used. They are kind of just beautiful, but they are collecting dust.

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