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A Top Strategy for Co-Parenting

By Jamie Berger, Esq.

Divorce is hard. Co-parenting can be stressful. A well-drafted Agreement is necessary to help you establish boundaries and rules with your co-parent. In this video, Jamie gives a tip on one of the many great tools that will help you effectively co-parent with your ex, while keeping your cool and putting your kids first.

Thanks for tuning in again. I want to talk this week about co-parenting. Because effective co-parenting is the best thing that you, as divorcing or separating parents, can do for your child, it means that you are putting the best interest of your children ahead of your interest. And though it is not always easy, I am telling you if you can get there, it is the best thing that you can do. There are a few tips that I can give you about effective co-parenting. Using a joint calendar is one of them. If you guys can effectively use whatever calendar of choice you have, it really will help eliminate those confusing times that parents face. Should the kids be here? Should they be here? So, you really want to make sure you are doing that. This is just one of the many tips regarding co-parenting, so please tune in for another episode, and I am happy to provide more.

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