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Document, Document & Document (and Divorce!)

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Let’s face it – divorce and documents go hand in hand. There are lots of them and they seem to just multiply. This includes mortgage statements, bank statements, insurance, and the list goes on. Today Sarah gives advice on the importance of your documents and gives great tips on how to organize them.

Hi and welcome to this week´s episode of Just Because.

One of the topics we want to discuss with you this week is documentation. It is very important for us as family lawyers, to make sure that you as the client, provide us with as much and as accurate documentation as possible. In order to help you start the process, we decided to talk about ways to manage it. It´s a great idea to begin opening your mail. Open your statements. Categorize them by type, by month, by year. Scan them. Save them. Keep them in a safe place. Back up that scan. Giving it to your attorney either by a Dropbox access or box access or even on a plain old USB drive will be an awesome way to make sure that we get access to everything that we possibly need in order to ensure that we are servicing you the best way possible. So make sure that you get that letter opener ready, sign up for online delivery and make sure that we have access to it.

Thank you and tune in next week for another episode of Just Because.

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