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College and Co-parenting

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Yes, you’ve gotten to that time. The “C” word (college) is all anyone can talk about. Are you prepared financially to send your baby off? What exactly are the expenses involved in preparing your child to get into college, much less how much will it actually cost to send them? This episode of Just Because points out various expenses that may be considered college-related and how these expenses can be incorporated into your Marital Settlement Agreement.

Hi and thanks for tuning in for another episode of Just Because. Do you have a college-age child? Are you starting to get weepy at the idea that they are leaving the nest or are you ready to shove them out the door and start them on the road to independence? One of the things you need to be thinking about though is how you are going to pay for college and what exactly is a college-related expense? Are you signing up for AP classes? IPIB classes? PSAT prep courses? SAT Prep courses? These may be considered college expenses. Will your child be living on campus? A car can also factor in college expenses. When you are thinking about these things it is important to either review your marital settlement agreement and what the definition was or think about them in the context of negotiating with your co-parent in coming up with an agreement. However, the important part is to enjoy this process because it will be over before you know it. Thanks again and tune in next week for another episode of Just Because.

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