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Back to School Activities and Scheduling (and Cost!)

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

As a co-parent, before you sign your child up for yet another sport or activity, watch this video for great advice on what to consider before you sign on the dotted line and write that check. Scheduling and payment for these activities are just two of several hot topics touched on by Sarah. Tune in now – just because.

Welcome back to another episode of Just Because. After paying for yet another activity online for my child, which seems months away from now, what got me thinking is do you know what you are required to pay for your child, how many activities your child or children can participate in and how those activities are to be split between you and your co-parent. If you have already been through a divorce, your marital settlement agreement should lay that out, and you should take another look at it while you are planning for the upcoming school year and make sure that you understand how many activities they can be registered for and who is going to pay what. If you are just starting out the divorce process this is a good time to taste stock of what your children have or have not been doing. How much is been costing you and what you reasonably think that they would be doing in the future, so that you can negotiate that and put it into a final document. Good luck with scheduling, and stay tuned for another episode of just because.

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