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Full Financial Disclosure & Discovery Process

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Full Financial Disclosure & the Discovery Process Divorce Attorneys Morristown NJ

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Full Financial Disclosure & the Discovery Process Divorce Attorneys Morristown NJCollecting, preparing, and exchanging full financial disclosures is a vital part of the divorce process. Willful omissions of debts and assets when preparing the preliminary financial documents can lead to devastating results for each party. The financial and emotional stresses of a divorce, legal relationship dissolution, same-sex divorce, or dissolution of a civil union in NJ are less daunting when an experienced and qualified family law attorney is working closely with you and your family to navigate the legal procedures and complexities of divorce. As part of the divorce process, our lawyers will help you and your spouse come to a settlement agreement which addresses issues such as:

At Jacobs Berger, LLC we understand just how important financial stability is to you and your children. By listening closely to all of your needs and concerns, and keeping you highly informed and involved throughout the legal process, we believe we can work together to achieve the results you need in your unique legal situation.

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Full Financial Disclosure is Required As Part of the Divorce Process in Hanover, NJ

Once a spouse has filed a divorce complaint and the other party has been served with divorce papers and responded, each party MUST file a Case Information Statement (e.g., NJ CIS) for financial discovery and provide a full and accurate picture of the financial standing of both parties individually and as a married couple. Methods for discovery can include written requests for financial documents, depositions (testimony), and providing financial documentation, among other things. 

This financial information is relevant and could have a tremendous impact on deciding financial support and equitable distribution. By using the evidence provided, it is possible that our hidden asset divorce attorneys will be able to show if your spouse is intentionally hiding assets. 

Interrogatories & The Request for Additional Financial Documents in Dover, NJ

Even if you are being 100% honest, your spouse or their attorney may believe that you are withholding financial information or underreporting your income and send you an additional financial discovery tool called an interrogatory and request more supporting documents.

Interrogatories is a list of questions similar to ones on the CIS form, that you must answer in writing, and to which you must supply additional documentation. (e.g., loan applications, bank statements, tax returns, canceled checks, real estate sales contracts, credit card statements, 401(K) statements, etc.).

Why Omitting Asset & Debt Information is a Bad Idea in a NJ Divorce

Spouses have a fiduciary duty to be upfront and honest about their marital finances until the divorce litigation is finalized. 

The NJ CIS form requires your original signature and by signing it, you are certifying that all of the details on this legal paper are complete, true, and accurate. Intentionally hiding assets from a spouse is:

  • illegal
  • ruins your credibility
  • may result in the court ordering you to pay your ex-spouse’s legal fees and expenses
  • force you to pay back the missing money through higher spousal support payments
  • force you to forfeit the entire disputed asset as a penalty for lying 
  • leave you vulnerable to charges of perjury or fraud, both of which are criminal offenses and could result in jail time. 

If you continue to hide your assets, you could be found in contempt of court.

We highly recommend you seek the advice of experienced and professional legal counsel to ensure all your paperwork and financial disclosures are compliant with New Jersey divorce law.

Help! My Spouse Hid Assets & Debt During Our Divorce Process

When a spouse fails to disclose assets in a divorce action that are later discovered, there is a way to re-open the judgment of divorce to seek, find and divide those assets and file for a child support modification and/or modification to your alimony or spousal support.

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At Jacobs Berger, LLC our discovery process and hidden asset attorneys understand that financial issues of divorce are seldom simple. That is why we take pride in offering creative, multi-dimensional solutions for our Morris County clients from local communities including Madison, Randolph, Morristown, Florham Park, Denville, Morris Plains, Dover, and across Northern New Jersey. In addition to assisting you with the nuts and bolts of your divorce, we will strive to provide stability on a personal level during what can be a very difficult and challenging time.

The unique approach of our firm focuses on “building family life plans out of family law problems.” We understand how hard you have already worked to create and achieve these relationships and financial security, and we will always seek creative solutions which maintain this foundation, rather than tearing it all down through unnecessary litigation and conflict.

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