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Legal Relationship Dissolution

Legal Relationship Dissolution Attorneys Morris County, NJ

Helping Clients Legally Dissolve Civil Unions, Domestic Partnerships, and Same-sex Marriages in Madison, Randolph, Morristown, and Morris County

Legally recognized relationships in New Jersey include different-sex and same-sex marriages, same-sex civil unions and domestic partnerships. Different legal rights and responsibilities come along with each of these designations.

The attorneys at Jacobs Berger, LLC, focus on taking a transparent and realistic approach to the practice of family law. We know that ending a relationship can be challenging. However, we take pride in providing practical ways to deal with these uncomfortable situations.

Same-sex divorce

Our divorce lawyers represent same-sex couples throughout the state. Just as in divorces involving different-sex couples, same-sex divorces can encompass a spectrum of legal issues and concerns, including asset and debt division, child custody, spousal support and more. We will provide the knowledgeable legal guidance you need to protect your finances, your children and your future.

Dissolution of civil unions

Originally, civil unions were developed to give same-sex couples a legal relationship status that was akin to marriage. Today same-sex marriage is legal in New Jersey. However, preexisting civil unions were not automatically converted into marriages when the same-sex legislation was passed. This means that if you have a civil union and you want to dissolve your legal relationship, you must file for a dissolution, not a divorce.

Termination of domestic partnerships

Domestic partnership was the only legal relationship status available to same-sex couples until the Civil Union Act was implemented in 2007. Domestic partnership is a limited relationship recognition status and does not include many rights and responsibilities of marriages or civil unions. Domestic partnerships are currently only available to those couples in which both parties are over age 62. (This applies to both same-same couples and different-sex couples.)

Jacobs Berger, LLC, represents clients who have entered into domestic partnerships at any point in time and now require that the partnership be dissolved.

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