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Discussing Divorce with Your Children

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

East Hanover NJ Divorce LawyersOne of the most difficult aspects of any divorce can be discussing it with your children. While children of all ages will be able to comprehend the basic idea that their parents will no longer be living together, not all children will easily understand why, and the age and maturity level of the child or children involved can affect how they interpret what you are telling them.

Today, our Morristown divorce attorneys will share a few tips for discussing your divorce with your children in a positive and well thought-out manner.

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“Planning for the Divorce Conversation”

As with many things in life, having a plan in place for how and when you will discuss your divorce with your children can be of enormous benefit. While every family is different, there are two things you can do ahead of time in order to create the best possible environment for having this conversation with your family:

  • Choose a Time and Location – The safer and more familiar a location you can choose for discussing your divorce with your children, the better. You want your children to feel comfortable reacting to the news in whatever manner they may, and feel comfortable speaking honestly and openly about their feelings. Additionally, try to not have this kind of conversation right before your children are going to school or going to bed, as you do not want to rush this conversation, and they will need some time to process everything that is being shared.
  • Involve the Whole Family – If you have more than one child, it is important to have the divorce conversation with all of your children and family members together. Doing so separately with each child can lead to confusion and division between your children as to what was said, and may make the process more difficult than it needs to be.

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“Be Understanding of Your Children’s Reactions”

Every child is different, and therefore every child’s reaction to the news of their parents’ divorce will be different. As a parent, one of the most important things you can do is to be understanding of whatever reaction your child has, regardless of how “out of character” it may be for them.

Happy children may burst into tears, or your child may even feel relieved and happy at the news knowing the tension and strain in their home may be coming to an end. Whatever your child’s reaction , it is important to be understanding, and try as much as possible to drive home the fact that their own behavior or actions had nothing to do with your divorce.

Finally, as difficult as it may be for some parents who are about to begin the divorce process, presenting a united front to your children as to your decision to divorce can go a long way to relieving any feelings of guilt they may have, and eliminating much of the confusion some children feel when facing such a drastic change to their lives.

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