Child Custody and Visitation Rights for Unmarried, Non-Biological and Third Party Parents?

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Which family members can apply for Child Custody and Visitation Rights?

The court has different dockets available for it, inside the courthouse, and those dockets relate to married persons and unmarried persons. So, if you have never been married to your co-parent, you do have the ability to seek custody and parenting time despite the fact that no marriage ever took place. This can also extend to grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, three parents in a situation where the person seeking custody and parenting time can establish a relationship under the law with the child that the court recognized as a valid relationship.

It’s important that you speak to an attorney if you don’t understand the dynamics of what third-party visitation rights could be, but in a situation where there are only two parents and you can establish a relationship with the child either through paternity, maternity or one of these other forms that the court can consider. For example, psychological parentage, -you have an opportunity to bring a claim before the court and ask them to grant you the same type of rights that the biological parent has been granted and to grant you custody and parenting time based upon the factors that the court would normally assess for married parents under the statute.

Standard for Application and Best Interest of the Child

Normally that’s considered best interest, there are certain other conditions that the court must consider but on a regular basis, the court looks at what’s the best interest of the child. If the court finds that parenting time or custody even between unmarried parties is in the best interest of the child and you have the standing to bring that application, the court will absolutely hear you and consider the claims that you are making.

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Sarah Jacobs is dedicated to protecting the interests of clients in family law proceedings. Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney, and Qualified as a Mediator, Sarah possesses nearly 20 years of experience practicing law throughout the State of New Jersey. Together with partner Jamie N. Berger, Esq. their boutique Morristown family law firm is managed with the goal of providing high-quality service tailored to each client's individual needs. In her capacity as both a family law mediator and litigator, Sarah works with negotiation-minded clients in a cooperative setting. She is also a skilled litigator with the knowledge needed to take even the most complex cases to court, if necessary.

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