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Why retain legal counsel during the Divorce process?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Benefits of retaining a Morris Town Divorce Attorney

Divorce attorneys discuss the benefits of counsel in Morris County and Northern NJ

The reason it is very important to retain an attorney and have somebody there to help represent you through this process is because although you may think that certain terms that you and your spouse are talking about seem fair and reasonable you likely don’t know all of the parameters of the laws in the state of New Jersey, and you likely don’t understand what rights you may be giving up.

Having an attorney to represent you can give you lots of opportunity with regard to reaching resolution related to it could be custody, it could be financials, it could be those things together. There could be alimony issues, child support, there could be issues related to your house and having an attorney who can assist you through that process is going to be beneficial to help you reach the best resolution and to make sure to protect your rights throughout the entire process.

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