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What are your rights and obligations with respect to alimony?

By Jamie Berger, Esq.

Morris County Family Law Attorneys Discuss Alimony Rights and Obligations

Our Family Law experienced attorney, Jamie N. Berger, Esqtakes some time to answers the questions and doubts you may have regarding the rights and obligations with respect to alimony.

What should I know about alimony?

A lot of times questions are asked to me either in a strategic planning session or from my clients directly as to what the rights and obligations are with respect to alimony. How long will I pay? How much will I receive? How much will I pay? And these are questions that are obviously very fact-specific based on the statute which defines the criteria that the court would consider when calculating alimony, but on the issue of duration of alimony, that again is a fact-specific issue.

Will my Personal Circumstances Affect my Alimony?

There is no bright-line rule with respect to how long alimony is paid. It is a determination based on the circumstances that exist in your particular case. How old you are, how long the marriage is. Old these things are factored into how long alimony will be paid, and how long you will receive alimony if you were the recipient. These again are fact-specific issues, ones we can discuss whether is through a strategic planning session or as a client, these are issues that we are constantly discussing so that you are right or made aware to you and you have an understanding of what you can expect with regard to receiving alimony or what your obligations may be.

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