Child Support & Alimony Payments During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Morris County NJ Child Support and Alimony Attorneys during COVID-19 Pandemic

The goal of any well-written parenting time agreement is to account for many potential future factors or issues

Morris County NJ Child Support and Alimony Attorneys during COVID-19 PandemicWith the current New Jersey shelter-in-place order and restrictive coronavirus lockdown in place, many companies are delaying reopening or getting back to business as usual. Large numbers of former New Jersey heads of households or breadwinners are being furloughed, laid off, or having their salaries cut. For many, this pandemic created financial hardship, which means facing the challenges of covering their own rent or food and the uncertainties and difficulties of trying to provide the same level of pre-COVID-19 court-ordered child support alimony payments. Since these payments are based on the ability of the divorced partner or co-parent to pay, consulting an experienced family law attorney about the possibility to temporarily modify child support or reduce alimony payments could provide some peace of mind and facilitate greater avenues of communication and avoid high-conflict situations between the payee former spouse and the recipient ex-spouse or child.

At Jacobs Berger, LLC, our child support and divorce attorneys will identify the options for modifying child support or enforcing divorce agreements for parents in New Jersey. Contact us online today to learn more about how our firm may be able to serve your family law needs.

When to Modify an Existing Parenting Time & Spousal Support Agreement

The goal of any well-written parenting time agreement is to account for many potential future factors or issues; sometimes, circumstances can change unpredictably or substantially enough to warrant a child custody modification.

Co-parents and former spouses with little or no foreseeable employment prospects available to them have valid concerns that their inability to remain compliant with the financial obligations of their court-ordered divorce judgment will result in arrears piling up and/or possible jail time for non-payment. Unfortunately, it is unclear how long this crisis will last. Many families have already experienced a significant economic impact, and payors are unsure when they can file to modify their obligations.

Since many co-parents or ex-spouses often depend on this financial support to meet their own financial obligations, lack of this income can cause serious difficulties to the dependent party and parental alienation that negatively impacts existing parenting time and visitation agreements.

When your child custody or parenting-time agreement no longer adequately reflects your situation, our attorneys at Jacobs Berger LLC can help you pursue an appropriate modification to the existing court order or agreement.

5 Tips to Managing Financial Hardships Through Compromise & Flexibility

Take action to modify your child support if financial circumstances change. Since, likely, both the payor and the support recipient are equally experiencing financial difficulties, it is strongly recommended to consult a trusted family law professional to properly articulate the compromise and avoid misinterpretation or enforcement issues later.

  1. 5 Tips to Managing Financial Hardships Through Compromise & FlexibilityIf possible, work with a lawyer to prepare a modified child support agreement so both you and your ex have a better understanding of each party’s financial obligations.
  2. If you can’t pay your child support fully, pay as much as you can, and make partial child support payments to your co-parent.
  3. As a payor, keep an accurate record of bank transfers and payments. Paying cash directly may be used to allege non-payment, resulting in wage garnishment from the New Jersey Child Support Probation Department.
  4. Maintain normal visitation even for non-payment. Financial disputes are between the adults, and the child should not be punished. Parents withholding visitation could be charged with contempt of a court order.
  5. Supportive and open communication with your co-parent regarding a job loss, health issues, or another situation that requires a temporary reduction in payment is a positive way to maintain a healthy line of communication between both parties and work towards making sure your child’s safety and well-being is still priority number one.

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