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Preparing to Meet with Your Divorce Attorney

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Morris County NJ Divorce AttorneysWhen you schedule your strategic planning session with our legal team regarding any kind of family law issue you may be facing including a divorce, our goal is to thoroughly review you and your family’s unique situation, discuss with you the various legal options you have available to you, and see if our unique approach to family law is a good fit with your needs and desired outcomes.

While we will be prepared to do all of these things with you, you may also wish to prepare with a variety of potential questions for our attorneys, as well as gathering relevant documents and information so we can have a more informed and productive conversation.

Before meeting with your Morris County family law attorney, here are some things you may wish to be ready to ask your attorney:

“What Kind of Experience Do You Have Handling Similar Types of Cases?”

Randolph Divorce Lawyers

While every professional needs to start somewhere, ideally you will want to retain the services of an attorney who has already handled cases similar to whatever legal issue you are facing.

Especially when it comes to matters as complex and life-changing as divorce can often be, experience and legal knowledge goes a very long way. So when meeting with your Randolph divorce lawyer, be sure to ask them what kind of experience they have regarding handling divorce cases, what insights that experience offers into your unique situation, and how their experience will allow them to resolve your divorce or other family law matter in a more favorable and effective manner.

“How Will You Handle My Divorce or Other Family Law Matter?”

Morris Plains Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

Different law firms often have different approaches to how they handle a given divorce. Our firm, for example, prefers to resolve divorce and family law matters through negotiation and open communication as we believe this approach causes the least amount of strain on inter-familial relationships, and better protects a family’s finances and stability moving forward.

However, not every law firm operates in such a manner, so it is important you get a good grasp on exactly how your Morris Plains divorce and family law attorney will attempt to handle your case, and why they believe doing so in such a manner is beneficial in your particular situation.

“How Much Will Your Services Cost?”

Denville Divorce Lawyers

Finally, the million dollar question so-to-speak is what kind of payment agreement will you make with your Denville divorce lawyer. Some attorneys charge a one-time flat fee, although much more commonly you will retain your attorney on a retainer fee basis.

There are many different ways a retainer fee can be structured, but essentially a retainer fee is an up-front payment made in order to retain the services of an attorney. Depending on how much time and effort is required by your attorney in order to fairly resolve your divorce or other family law issue, they may charge you for the time spent above and beyond what was accounted for in your retainer fee agreement, or if your matter is resolved more quickly than initially anticipated then any unused retainer fee will be returned to you.

For a more detailed explanation of how retainer fee agreements can be structured and what factors may go into what your attorney charges as a retainer fee, look for our upcoming blog on the topic.

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Our unique approach to family law has allowed us to resolve issues such as child custody, child support, the division of assets, and alimony/spousal support in ways which protect the financial and emotional stability of families while still focusing on the specific results and conclusions that our clients are seeking.

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