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Paying for College: Post-Secondary Education Child Support Obligations in NJ

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

College and Child Support Obligations Lawyers Morristown NJ

Madison Child Support Attorneys Help You Plan for Your Child’s Post-Secondary Education

College and Child Support Obligations Lawyers Morristown NJAs stated previously in “Emancipation and child support obligation changes in New Jersey”  the easiest way to avoid conflicts, misunderstandings, and enjoy a measure of certainty about your child’s educational future, is to plan ahead and arrange a school tuition settlement for your child(ren) as you are planning to divorce or dissolve your legal relationship. All child support obligations will automatically terminate in New Jersey when your child reaches the age of 19, so it is important that you establish a plan for your child’s post-secondary education during your divorce if you believe that they will seek higher education after high-school.

This plan will involve estimating how much your child’s post-secondary education will cost, including any potential scholarships or grants you believe they will be able to secure, and what kind of post-secondary educational programs like a trade school, college, university, or vocational training. This automatic termination of child support can place a great deal of strain on many parent’s finances at a critical moment in their child’s lives. You and your spouse will also need to discuss how much you can each contribute towards your child’s college education, and negotiate for a child support settlement which takes into account these expenses, and the ability of both parents to support their child.

Building Family Life Plans, Out of Family Law Problems

At Jacobs Berger, LLC our child support attorneys regularly work with financial planners in just these kinds of situations in order to gain the best possible understanding of the potential expenses, and each parent’s financial situation. Once we have a clearer picture of these important aspects, we can work with you to negotiate a child support settlement which makes the most sense for you, your children, and your family’s finances.

Our attorneys have extensive experience with all manner of divorce and family law issues, including child support agreements and child support modifications and termination. Whether you are seeking to plan for your child’s post-secondary educational expenses in your divorce’s child support agreement, or need to modify your existing child support agreement to reflect these financial needs, our firm is prepared to provide you with the knowledgeable, effective, and compassionate legal service that you and your family need and deserve.

Call our office to discuss your options for accounting for your child’s post-secondary education in your child support agreement in a strategic planning session today.

Post-Secondary Child Support Obligations If the Child is Failing Academically

In New Jersey, a parent has a duty to pay child support until the child(ren) is emancipated and/or while the child(ren) of the marriage is enrolled on a full-time basis in college or possibly post-graduate education. If the child is enrolled and not making a good faith effort to maintain the minimum academic requirements, then the parent who finances the education can file a motion relieving them of their financial support obligation. The payor can request to be provided with regular reports on academic status, class schedules, and other necessary information regarding grades and enrollment, to ensure the child is enrolled in a full-time basis and making a faith effort in their academic future.

Modifying An Existing Support Order For Post-Secondary Educational Expenses

If your child support agreement is set to terminate on your child’s 19th birthday or does not accurately take into account the financial needs of your child and their post-secondary education, it may be possible to modify your child support agreement through a court hearing and order. The easiest option for modifying your current child support order is by discussing the matter with your former spouse, and mutually agreeing to a change to your child support order in the form of a “consent order”.

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Our unique approach focuses on finding solutions that ensure the stability of the families involved, rather than over-litigating matters and sowing strife and resentment, thereby costing families precious relationships and resources needed to protect their futures and the futures of their children. However, when the situation calls for it, we have also proven to be tenacious litigators for our clients when negotiations break down, and court intervention becomes necessary.

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