by Amy L. Miller Esq.
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  • Why retain legal counsel during the Divorce process?
  • How is JB’s unique approach applied to Divorce Cases?
  • What methods can JB use to resolve your Divorce?

At Jacobs Berger, LLC, the aim of our firm is not to tear down all of the many things you and your family have built over the course of your marriage. Our focus is always to help create a solid and successful foundation for your future, while taking into account your individual financial, legal, and emotional needs through the entire divorce process.

Our family law firm has aided many families across Tewksbury, Randolph, Madison, and the greater Morris County area to to move into a brighter future after difficult times. Contact us to discuss your concerns and needs regarding your divorce or any related matter in a confidential case assessment today. Please contact us online, or through our Morristown office at (973) 710-4366

Why retain legal counsel during the Divorce process?

The reason is very important to retain an attorney and have somebody there to help represent you to this process is because although you may think that certain terms that you and your spouse are talking about seem fair and reasonable you likely don’t know all of the parameters of the laws in the state of New Jersey, and you likely don’t understand what rights you may be giving up.

Having an attorney to represent you can give you lots of opportunities with regard to regional resolution related to it could be custody, it could be financials, it could be those things together there could be alimony issues child support, there could be issues related to your house and having an attorney who can assist you through that process is going to be beneficial to help you reach the best resolution and to make sure to protects your rights throughout the entire process.

How is JB’s unique approach applied to Divorce Cases?

The reason why we feel that the attorneys at Jacobs Berger can help bring a unique approach to your divorce case is that we really like to listen to your needs and what you think is important to you.

So, if you come in and say that custody is an important issue or staying in the house is an important issue, we’re going to work with you to try to frame a resolution that gives you the result that you’re looking for, and at the same time we’re also going to be honest with you and look at all of the financial circumstances or all of the issues in your case, and when we look at all of these and we discuss these with you if ultimately your goals can’t be met. For example, if the finances just don’t lend themselves to the goals that you think are appropriate we’re going to help work with you to find an alternate goal that still meets your needs, but is actually able to happen within the financial structure of your what was your marriage and what will be your divorce, so we really try to approach your case as a unique case and your issues and your goals with the specific facts and circumstances related to you.

What methods can JB use to resolve your Divorce?

At Jacobs Berger, we can help work with you to use many different approaches to resolve your case. What I really like to use first and foremost is negotiation.

Using negotiation with your spouse to reach a resolution that you have control over, so a the end of the day although divorce is often a give-and-take that give-and-take will result in something through negotiation that will be a result that you have the final control over you’re going to have the final okay and say so over what you’re agreeing to at the end of the day, if negotiation goes only so far and it stalls at a certain point we can also go to a mediator.

At Jacobs Berger we are mediators and we will mediate your case but if you retain us as your attorney we can go to an outside mediator as well and help represent you through that mediation process.

We can also work with you through arbitration which is another form of dispute resolution but it’s outside the court it’s an alternative to the typical dispute resolution so you’re going to an arbitrator who acts as a judge but that person is deciding your case outside the court.

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