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Divorce Changes Your Life, But Shouldn’t Ruin Your Life

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

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It’s possible that you and your spouse were struggling for years before you decided you just couldn’t keep struggling any longer.

Morristown Divorce Attorneys With You Every Step of the Way It’s also possible that a specific event, like an extra-marital affair, changed your mind about staying in the marriage and convinced you that the marriage had to end. No matter how you came to the decision to file for divorce, you will experience numerous changes to your life, some of them influenced by New Jersey laws and courts.

The most important part of your ability to move on with your life without your spouse will be managing your emotions and your attitude. This can be very challenging in the emotional roller-coaster of divorce. The best way to get through it, with the best outcome for you and your family, is to build a strong network of support from the start.

The following are our guidelines to help you get through the difficulties of divorce.

You’ll need to grieve the loss of your marriage

By the time you actually file a petition to divorce in a civil court, you might be feeling like you never want to see your spouse again. If you have children, you know that completely cutting ties are highly unlikely. On the other hand, you might start feeling sad or lonely, even missing your spouse as you take your first steps toward a new life.

It’s OK to be sad that your marriage didn’t work out. It is also OK to cherish any happy memories that you have of the time that you and your spouse spent together. Experiencing a sense of mourning is a common part of divorce-related changes in life. It’s okay to grieve, in fact, it’s necessary in order to be able to live a healthy life post-divorce.

Friendships might change when you divorce

Having even one trusted friend to talk to as you do all the work you’ll need to do to settle your divorce is very helpful. But don’t be surprised if you lose a few friends during your divorce. One friend might feel a sense of loyalty to your spouse. He or she might not feel comfortable remaining in a friendship with you. This is your chance to see who is really a friend and to make new friends that will last a lifetime.

Your kids probably won’t be with you 24/7 anymore

Your kids probably won’t be with you 24/7 anymore

If you have children from the marriage, you and your spouse will have to come to an agreement on a child custody plan. You can assume that there will be days and even nights when your children will be away from you while they are visiting the other parent, or living with him or her if you are the parent with visitation rights.

It’s very natural to miss your children, especially when that sense of loss runs deeper when you start to miss the time in your life when your whole family was intact and present. The best way to deal with these painful thoughts is to reach out for support from someone who can relate to your circumstances.

Take care of yourself

Make a concerted effort to be good to yourself and to your body. Make plenty of time to exercise, and be sure to eat nutritious foods. And take time to relax. Please steer clear of thinking that alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes will help you cope with the emotions—actually, their use creates new problems.

Avail yourself of local resources for support

Your community might have a support group where you can share your feelings and listen to others as they tell about their own experiences regarding divorce. Check with local churches: some of them might offer similar groups. You might want to seek counseling from a licensed professional.

An experienced and compassionate divorce attorney is here to help navigate the process

Changes and crises are difficult to get through, but they’re usually temporary. If you know where to seek support as needed, you can be sure that you and your kids are going to be OK.

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