Tips for a Successful Mediation

Mediation Attorneys

Mediation is a great alternative to litigation based divorce for spouses seeking a divorce in New Jersey. Not only does it offer a more cooperative method by which spouses can resolve their disputes, but it is also a more affordable and faster option in most cases. Mediation can be used to settle even the most complex legal issues of a divorce including child custodyequitable distribution of assetsalimonychild support, and much more. By using the below tips, you will be giving yourself a great chance at a successful divorce mediation.

The divorce mediation attorneys of Jacobs Berger view our role in the divorce process as architects of our client’s new futures. We take pride in offering dynamic and individualized legal solutions for our clients from across Northern New Jersey. If you are considering using mediation as a method of conflict resolution for your divorce, we can work with you to reach your goals.

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Divorce Mediation Lawyers: Preparing for Mediation

A successful mediation begins with proper and thorough preparation. The “discovery process” of a mediation begins immediately, with both parties sharing financial and other critical information with one another, their attorneys, and the mediator. However, that is not all that is involved in the preparation process.

Prepare documentation and other nuts and bolts. Financial statements, deeds, debts, owned assets, mortgages, tax returns, pay stubs, and much more may be required for your divorce mediation. Collecting these ahead of time will ultimately save both parties time and effort in the long run.

Set goals with your attorney. Mediation can be considered a form of negotiation. Before entering into negotiation, it is vital that you discuss your goals. It may be wise to think of “must haves”, “want to haves”, and “can live withouts”.

Set reasonable expectations. Along those lines, your attorney should be able to advise on what you can reasonably expect in terms of your eventual divorce agreement.

Mediation Attorneys Discuss Communication and Mindset

Once your formal mediation begins, it is important to stick to your plan and keep an open mind. Mediation benefits those who communicate openly and with the understanding that a mutually beneficial outcome is possible.

Avoid the “winning vs. losing” mindset. Litigation means to litigate, which is to “contest” through a court of law. Our Denville mediation attorneys advise our clients to remember that mediation is not a contest, and that the end goal is to find an agreement that benefits both parties. Where there is a winner, there must also be a loser. This mindset has no place in mediation.

Consider what is best for all parties. This is particularly relevant if you and your spouse are parents. It is not just what is best for you going through a divorce, but what is best for your family and your family’s future.

Keep a positive attitude. This may seem a little rah rah, but keeping a positive and open outlook can go a long way during mediation disputes. Mediation conflict resolution often involves fair compromise. You must be prepared to give in order to receive.

Divorce Mediators Resolve Conflicts

Ultimately, the mediation process is a means to an end. Your Florham Park divorce mediators are here to facilitate an amicable and amenable agreement to resolve your divorce disputes. This leads us into our final tip for a successful mediation:

Take the mediation process seriously. It may be tempting to think, “hey, we are just going into mediation, we’ll figure it out as we go.” As we have discussed above, mediation takes preparation, attention to detail, and the results can have a massive impact on you and your family’s future.

While mediation can certainly be a friendlier and more cooperative environment in which spouses can resolve their conflicts, the seriousness of the issues at hand remain the same. Striking a balance between openness and sticking to your guns is essential to reaching a successful conclusion to your divorce mediation.

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