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How does JB approach the valuation and division of complex assets in a Divorce?

By Jamie Berger, Esq.

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Financial Disclosure and Case Information Statement

You need to go through the process. There needs to be financial disclosure. We need to fill out what´s called case information statement. There needs to be potentially experts involved to do a forensic evaluation. And you need to get all that information so that you know how to answer the questions for your clients, so they feel confident in making the decisions that they need to make financially moving forward in their life.

Build a Financial Road-map For Your Future

That is a particular pinpoint for clients. A lot of clients that come to see us are insecure about their financial future and we want to make sure that when they are making decisions, they are armed with all of the information they need in order to make the best decision for them moving forward. We give them guidance. We give them advice within the confines of the law, but ultimately, a client is given the choice on how they want to proceed.

We Arm You With Information to Help Make Educated Decisions

I may say to a client. “You are entitled to 50% of this particular asset”, they need to decide that 50% of that particular asset isn´t as valuable to them as 50% of another asset; so there may be a trade-off in that particular case that works better for the client. Those are all things that we go through when we talk, and we set the goals, and we decide how they want to move forward. I want clients to feel secure that I´m giving them the best advice that I can; ultimately the choice is theirs and how they proceed, but I am sure to give them what I think is a good road-map and arm them with the information that they need moving forward.

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