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How are Retirement Accounts Handled in Divorce?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

How Are Retirement Accounts Handled in Divorce?

Our partner Amy L. Miller, besides her exceptional work at our firm, volunteers as a Family Law Early Settlement Panelist in Morris and Sussex County, and she volunteers as a pro bono attorney for Jersey Battered Women’s Services (JBWS).

In the following video, Amy goes over the benefits of reaching an agreement in retirement accounts division related topics.

During a divorce litigation, as part of the equitable distribution, the parties need to figure out between themselves by way of a settlement or, if they can not settle through the court, how to divide the retirement accounts. Sometimes that means that all the retirement accounts will be split right down the middle. Sometimes it can mean that each of you keeps your own or some variation of that.

What is the Benefit of Reaching a Settlement?

The benefit to reaching a settlement is that you can craft a resolution that addresses how to distribute the retirement accounts. You can offset that with other assets, other obligations, or other debt. So, the retirement accounts are certainly something that will be looked at in distributing your divorce, but how are they distributed, and in what manner will be substantially effective on how you resolve all of the other issues in your case.

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