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Communicate Successfully Post Divorce – Is It Possible?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Morristown County Post-Divorce Communication Strategy

If you’re in the throes of divorce proceedings or your divorce has been recently finalized, you may be asking if a communication strategy with your soon-to-be ex can even exist at all, much less a successful one.  It can.  You can do it.  In this article we will look at some helpful tips to communicate well and avoid confrontations.

Communicate effectively with skill
What’s your communication strategy?

The attorneys at Jacobs Berger understand that the legal process can provoke strong emotions making it difficult to communicate with competence and control.  You can count on us for creative, multidimensional solutions and through our holistic approach to the divorce process we can recommend professionals in many areas from counseling services to financial advisers.  We are committed to supporting our clients well after the divorce itself is over. At Jacobs Berger we listen carefully to hear both what you are saying and what you’re not.  We want to work with you to develop a customized plan for you/your family in order to help you build a quality of life after divorce. Our objective is to look after you and your family now and into the future.

Communicate effectively with help from Randolph lawyers

A key to a creating a new relationship with your ex is actively developing a new style in the way you communicate. Depending on the type of situation, different communication styles and corresponding levels of control are often necessary. For example, when it comes to business-type issues (alimony, visitation schedule changes, or who gets the time share this year), strive to communicate with each other as business associates. When it comes to co-parenting, the challenges may require a completely different approach.

Morris County lawyers strive for long-lasting, quality relationships

It's essential to communicate well!
Everyone sees things from a unique perspective, it’s essential to communicate well!

The quality of your post-divorce relationship is reflected in your and your spouse’s ability to communicate and collaborate with each other. Establishing boundaries and new rules with each other is essential for a sustainable and successful relationship.

A thoughtful framework for interacting is especially helpful in moving forward from a turbulent relationship to a calmer one. We’re emotional beings by nature and our relationships rely on verbal and nonverbal exchanges.  Therefore developing healthy communication styles is particularly critical if your plan is to raise your children jointly and peacefully.


Tips for improving your communication with your ex in Morris County

Here are a few tips to apply early and often…

• Keep your tone of voice in check. If you don’t, it’s all over.
• Be professional and courteous no matter what (think of your ex as someone with whom you don’t have a personal relationship, like a co-worker).
• Stay calm.
• Be respectful.
• Keep it short, to the point.
• Stay focused on the purpose of the conversation or message.  Don’t side track into other areas and definitely avoid the sensitive topics if you can.
• Plan your conversation ahead of time and/or re-read your text or e-mail before pressing “send.”  Give careful consideration to your words and phrases to eliminate potential misinterpretations.
• Take a time-out by politely excusing yourself if you sense anger rising or that either you or your

Communicate to find our way
Communicate well to find the pathway to “our way”

ex may be losing control. Be sure to finish the conversation later when you are both calm.
• Give apologies generously and genuinely; it’s not a sign of weakness. You can be sincerely sorry for the bad feelings or the conflict, without being wrong. Sincere apologies demonstrate healthy and sensitive behavior and sets a good example for your children, especially teens.

The ability to communicate effectively is a skill wherever and whenever it is needed: at work, in business negotiations, at the ball park, with your kids, during holidays with relatives and also with your children’s other parent. The pay-off is always worth the extra efforts.

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