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Can I Stay in my House During a Divorce?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Can I Stay in My House During a NJ Divorce?

Our Morris County Family Lawyer discusses your rights during separation and divorce.

During divorce litigation, many people often ask whether they can stay in the house during the divorce process and the answer is very fact sensitive to the particular issues in your case, generally speaking, that is an option and certainly is an option that we can discuss.

Each Particular Case has its own Specific Circumstances

Now depending on the circumstances of your particular case, there may be different things we have to negotiate with the other side or different things that have to be discussed or resolved in order to come up with the manner in which you or you with your spouse are going to live in that house together during the divorce litigation but it certainly is an option that is available and one that we can discuss and find a resolution that hopefully will meet all parties needs during their divorce litigation.

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