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How long does it take to get a divorce in New Jersey?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

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The length of time it takes to get a divorce in New Jersey, unfortunately, is not one straight answer. Every County in the State is very different as far how long it takes to get a resolution in the event you have to go through the court system and in the event, you have to go to trial. There are counties that have you in and out and completed within one year. There are counties that it takes three or four years to get a trial. So what county you live in, what county you reside in significantly affects how long it takes to divorce.

However, before you get to the court system the part that you can control, although with your spouse as well, is trying to reach a resolution before you get into the court system or even concurrently while you are in the court system. If you and your spouse, even while you are going through a difficult time, even when you may be at the hardest point in your relationship if you and your spouse can work with counsel on each side to resolve your issues sometimes that can take six months, sometimes it can take a year. Could be shorter, could be longer. But if you can’t reach a resolution the sooner you reach the resolution we can put it into an agreement and once that agreement is signed we can get you into the court and get you a divorce within in the matter of usually weeks. It does not necessarily have to be an extensive, long-drawn-out experience. There are certain things that are outside of your control such as the court calendar or how your spouse responds on certain issues. But if all parties can cooperate, even if you are on opposite sides, opposite positions, or have different concerns, but if you can cooperate and focus on the end goal which is getting this concluded in the most amicable way, in the most cost-effective way, and allowing you to both move on with your future, – if you can do that, and you could focus on that, you can get a divorce from start to finish done in a couple of months.

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