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Can a Divorce be Denied?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Can a Divorce be Denied by a Family Court in NJ?

With her experience in the field in the video, she explains the concept of irreconcilable differences as a ground for divorce in the state of New Jersey.

Is New Jersey a No-Fault State?

A little over ten years ago, New Jersey changed to a no-fault state. We now have the ability to obtain a divorce based upon irreconcilable differences. So, in the event you are requesting a divorce in New Jersey, you have many grounds upon which you can request a divorce, but one of them is based upon irreconcilable differences and what that means is that so long as you meet the requirements of requesting that from the court, the court will grant you request for divorce and they will not deny it.

What happens if I request a divorce upon other grounds?

If you do request a divorce based upon other grounds, which there are many other grounds that are available, the court could potentially deny those if you do not meet the requirements that you need to meet in order to prove that, but fortunately we do have the ability to have this no-fault basis to request to the court and that allows the court to pretty much grant every divorce that is coming before it so long as you meet those very limited and easy requirements in order to obtain a divorce.

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