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What Does Irreconcilable Difference Mean in a Divorce?

By Jamie Berger, Esq.

What Does Irreconcilable Difference Mean in a Divorce?

As a strong believer in helping families transition and establish new roles and responsibilities while minimizing strain, Attorney Jamie N. Berger, Esq details the concept of irreconcilable differences and how they are managed by New Jersey Courts.

Irreconcilable Differences, the most commonly cited grounds for Divorce in New Jersey

When you are making the difficult decision to file a complaint for divorce in New Jersey, you need to determine what grounds for divorce you want to file under. There are ten different grounds for divorce in New Jersey. The most common is the one that I want to talk to you about today which is irreconcilable differences. What irreconcilable differences mean is that differences have a reason between you and your spouse, they have existed for a period of six months or more prior to the time that the complaint for divorce is being filed and that there are not reasonable possibilities of reconciliation.

What does a no-fault state mean?

The reason that most people in New Jersey file irreconcilable differences is because it is a no-fault state, and no-fault state means that the court is not assigning blame when making decisions, they are not saying that one party is at fault and one party is not at fault and therefore the party that is at fault has to pay additional amounts of money or do additional things because that court has made the determination. New Jersey is a no-fault state. There are other reasons that we may file a complaint for divorce for such things as adultery or extreme cruelty, but those are all issues that we should discuss as part of our initial planning in your matter so that we know that we are doing so in a strategic way that best benefits your case.

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