Temporary Alimony During Divorce

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Temporary Alimony

Alimony and spousal support represents a major component of many divorce settlement agreements. Designed to help spouses who have traditionally been financially dependent on their spouse establish their own own financial independence, alimony settlements vary a great deal depending on a wide variety of factors, including the duration of the marriage, the ages of the parties, their economic situation, and of course, the negotiations of their Morris County divorce attorney.

However, many times the traditionally dependent spouse will require financial support during the divorce process itself. If and when they feel that this financial support is necessary, they may file a request for temporary alimony, also known as “pendente lite support”. As with a final spousal support agreement, it is important to retain experienced legal counsel during a temporary alimony issue in order to ensure that your unique needs, concerns, and financial interests are accurately represented and protected during this process.

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Alimony Lawyers Help You Secure Temporary Financial Support

If an individual who has traditionally been financially dependent upon their spouse is in need of similar financial support during the divorce process itself, there are two possible ways for that individual to secure “pendente lite” support, or temporary alimony, until such time that their divorce and final alimony agreement are settled.

The first way an individual can secure temporary alimony is simply by speaking with their former partner about this issue, and coming to some kind of agreement. Many times, the parties will want such an agreement to be formalized and recognized by the courts, and as such will submit a “consent order” to the courts detailing the specifics of their temporary alimony agreement. Once the consent order has been reviewed and deemed fair and reasonable, it will be a legally enforceable and valid agreement between the parties regarding temporary alimony during divorce.

While submitting a consent order to the courts may be a relatively straightforward method for securing temporary alimony during divorce, many divorcing couples are unable to come to an acceptable agreement on their own regarding such a sensitive financial issue. In this case, the financially dependent party will instead wish to file a motion with the courts requesting a temporary support order.

Temporary Financial Support Requests During a Divorce

When an individual files a request with the courts for temporary financial support during their divorce, the deciding court will consider many of the same factors that they consider when awarding a final alimony and spousal support agreement.

Some of these factors include:

  • The earning capacity of both parties
  • The standard of lifestyle enjoy by the couple during their marriage
  • The age and health of both parties
  • The expected expenses of both parties and how those expenses affect their lifestyle
  • The duration of the marriage

Of course, every court will weigh these factors, and how they affect their ultimate decision, differently. When it comes to alimony and spousal support especially, having an experienced attorney on your side to present your financial status and expectations to the courts, and help you secure the temporary alimony resolution which makes the most sense for your unique situations can be highly beneficial as alimony agreements can vary greatly from case to case.

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