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Will Mediation Work for My Divorce?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Morris County NJ Divorce Mediation AttorneysThe Alternative Dispute Resolution method of Mediation offers a number of significant and distinct advantages to divorcing couples who are able to take advantage of it. Since the mediation process takes place outside of the public court system, not only is it a much more private and informal process than traditional court-decided divorces, it is also very often cheaper, faster, and much less stressful.

With these benefits in mind, you might wonder why every couple doesn’t resolve their divorce through mediation, and the answer is quite simple. In order for the mediation process to be successful, two important requirements need to be met.

Willingness to Communicate and Compromise

Mediation Lawyers Florham Park, NJ

The first critical requirement of any divorce mediation is that both parties are willing to discuss their needs and concerns with one another in a constructive and honest manner. In addition, the mediation process focuses on finding middle-ground compromises, and not every couple is willing to compromise on the key divorce issues of marital asset and debt division, child custody, child support, and alimony.

However, it is important to understand that just because mediation will ultimately involve compromises when reaching final agreements, that doesn’t mean that you should accept a settlement if it doesn’t accurately reflect your unique needs and concerns. If the terms of any agreement you are discussing are not fair to you, or do not take into account your specific needs, part of the mediation process will involve you informing your Florham Park divorce mediator of exactly these issues. While your mediation attorney cannot take sides in any conflict, they can certainly help you to express the specific issues you may have with a particular agreement to your spouse, and work with both of you towards finding a more acceptable solution.

Of course, no divorcing couple will ever initially agree on the specific terms of their divorce settlement agreement, but that doesn’t mean that mediation can’t work for you. As long as both you and your spouse are willing to express your needs and concerns honestly and in a constructive manner, your mediation attorney can help you to find solutions to your disputes which are fair to both parties, and do so in a way which greatly limits the stress, hostility, and conflict normally associated with the divorce process.

The Professionalism of Your Mediator

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The second key component to a successful divorce mediation process is finding a trained, experienced, and ultimately neutral divorce mediator. A divorce mediator who has both experience and training within the area of mediation dispute resolution will be able to earn the trust of both parties, without making any one party feel disadvantaged or “ganged up on”. This neutrality is key to giving both parties the confidence to express themselves, both to the mediator in private, as well as to their spouse during the mediation process, which in turn will help both parties ultimately find solutions which accurately reflect their specific needs and concerns.

While it is the trend of many law firms to now offer mediation services, not every divorce mediator has actually received training in the mediation process itself, and they may not be able to remain neutral, or effective, through the entirety of the process. However, the Hanover, NJ divorce mediation lawyers of Jacobs Berger have exactly these key qualifications, as well as training and experience in the mediation process itself, allowing us to provide a completely neutral, and ultimately successful, divorce mediation service.

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