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What methods can JB use to resolve your Divorce?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Morristown Attorneys Divorce Methods

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At Jacobs Berger, we can help work with you to use many different approaches to resolve your case. What I really like to use first and foremost is a negotiation.

Negotiating Your Parsippany Divorce

Using negotiation with your spouse to reach a resolution that you have control over, so at the end of the day, although divorce is often a give-and-take, that give-and-take will result in something through negotiation that will be a result that you have the final control over. You’re going to have the final okay and say so over what you’re agreeing to at the end of the day. If negotiation goes only so far and it stalls at a certain point we can also go to a mediator.

Mediating Your Mendham Divorce

At Jacobs Berger we are mediators and we will mediate your case but if you retain us as your attorney we can go to an outside mediator as well and help represent you through that mediation process.

Alternate Dispute Resolution Attorneys Randolph NJ

We can also work with you through arbitration which is another form of dispute resolution but it’s outside the court system, it’s an alternative to the typical dispute resolution so you’re going to an arbitrator who acts as a judge but that person is deciding your case outside the court.

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