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Important Information Used to Draft a Pre-nuptial Agreement

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

What Information Will my Attorney Need to Draft a Pre-nuptial Agreement?

Our partner attorney Amy L. Miller Esq. was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 2006, to the New York Bar in 2007, and the New Jersey State Federal Bar in 2006. Amy joined Jacobs Berger, LLC as a Partner in 2017 and focuses solely on family law issues. Amy’s practice is in the area of family law, including divorce,  mediation,  custodyvisitationalimony, and domestic violence.

In the video, Amy talks about the documents and information the two parties need t to provide to an attorney when crafting their pre-nuptial agreement.

In preparing a prenuptial agreement; it is very important that your attorney has all the information that you have with regard to three primary areas, your income, your assets, and your liabilities, and your soon to be spouse will also have to provide that very same information to their attorney as well.

Are there any other documents that we need to provide?

The other important things to give to your attorney are any information or any resolutions that you and your soon-to-be spouse have reached between the two of you, so if you have already discussed and resolved certain issues that will be part of the prenuptial agreement, perhaps it is alimony, perhaps it is equitable distribution, or what is going to happen to a house or business. That is information that you want to provide to your attorney, and that will help your attorney better craft the prenuptial agreement and also better advise you as to whether or not the resolutions that you’ve reached are in your best interest. And those are the things that you would be discussing with your attorney.

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