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What can I do to help enforce an agreement that I had with my co-parent in regards to custody and parenting time?

By Sarah Jacobs, Esq.

Custody and Parenting Time Enforcement Attorneys Morris County NJ

Custody and Parenting Time are often the most critical components of a Marital Agreement or Divorce

Crafting a Custody Agreement and your options if enforcement becomes necessary

Often parents call us with questions regarding what they can do to help enforce an agreement that they have with their co-parent, on custody, and parenting time. They have concerns that they have spent time either crafting an interim agreement or a final agreement that lays out terms that specify when pick-up and drop-off is going to be, what holidays each of the parties have, what are the requirements and the rights and responsibilities of each of the parents with regard to the child or the children and what happens when the other side is not living up to the agreements that were made.

Mediation to help get you and your ex back on track as co-parents

There are a few things that can be done in that particular situation. One of the things is to try mediation. You can speak to your co-parent either individually or thorough the respective attorneys and say because you are reaching some impasse in the agreements that you have previously it would be helpful to sit down with a third-party neutral to see if we can massage or craft changes to the original agreement that would be more suited to both parties at this time.

Filing a Motion for Enforcement with the court

Another opportunity that you have is to file a motion for enforcement in the court, filing a motion for enforcement is simply saying to the court this is an agreement that we have previously, here are all the ways that I do not believe that my co-parent is living up to the obligations and the terms that we agreed to at court and I would appreciate it if you would enforce these terms so that we can go by everything that we discussed previously.

Speaking to law enforcement and engaging the police as a last resort

Of course in more egregious situations such as parental kidnapping or interference with custody, you may be in a situation where you would have to speak to law enforcement in order to effectuate a certain agreement that was put in place, but if the agreements are the two of you simply not getting along or one parent not following to the letter of the agreement that exists most often mediation and motions to enforce are the customary ways to get your spouse to comply with the terms that you have previously agreed upon.

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